About Exhibit Deal

Founded in 2000, Exhibit Deal is The Original Exhibit Wholesaler offering portable trade show displays at amazing prices.

We can do that because we don’t operate on a lot of high overhead. Our prices are so low and our quality so good that nine out of 10 people who contact us end up buying from us.

We’re a global online provider headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We manufacture many of the displays you see in our website, and those we don’t are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers and tested by our team.

We offer every imaginable component for your exhibit display including in-house designers. And we’re the only company in the industry that offers a money-back guarantee. That’s unheard of in our industry. But we offer that because we’re so sure that we will exceed your highest expectations and deliver with a velocity that meets your short deadlines.

Our product is exhibit displays, our byproduct is quality. Get your product to market in an exhibit display that says you mean business.

Learn why choosing an exhibitDEAL Trade Show Display vs. a CHEAP Display can make all the difference.