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exhibitDEAL Discount During the 2012 Summer Olympics

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

To show our support for Team USA at the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, exhibitDEAL is running a promotion from the start of the Games through the month of August.

When you buy a display or graphics from exhibitDEAL, you will receive a percentage discount that is equal to the number of medals awarded to Team USA on the previous day! So if Team USA wins 3 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals on Tuesday, then you can get a 6% discount all day Wednesday. This promotion begins on Sunday, July 29, 2012 based on the medal totals from Saturday, July 28 and is good for up to 10% off your order.

So everyone can see how successful Team USA is, we will show the medal count on our website to track the team’s progress and the daily discount.  And this promotion does not end with the closing ceremonies. Our customers will still have access to a percentage discount, based on the final average of all the daily medal totals, through the end of August.

The Olympics discount applies to our most popular lines of exhibit displays as well as graphics so now is a good time to update an outdated display with your company’s new logo or latest product offering.

If you’d like to place an order using this promotion, call exhibitDEAL’s experts at 1-866-577-3325 or email us at sales(at)

Watch the Team USA medal count and save!

Create a Strong Base for Your Trade Show Booth With Convention Carpet

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

If you are new to business or just new to convention or trade shows, you may not be familiar with every detail of convention booth design. While the details and booth offerings vary by convention host, generally the booth space you reserve includes a simple pipe and drape wall and maybe a folding table and one or two chairs. The drab generic look of the average convention booth makes it imperative that you plan to bring decorative and informative elements with you. Most people remember to order product and banners or other signs to advertise but one of the most commonly over looked elements of a trade show booth design is the flooring.

Most convention floors and concrete and many of them are scratched and show other scars from years of trade shows and other events. In addition to being not the most attractive way to showcase you products, you or your booth staff will be on their feet for hours every day talking with clients. Standing on concrete is very uncomfortable and can cause foot pain over time. One great way to remedy this common problem is to invest in a 10X10 convention carpet for you booth. The average booth size at a convention is ten feet by ten feet making this investment the perfect way to cover an unsightly convention floor with in your space and also provide your booth with an inviting base to build your booth design around.

There are many different colors and textures to choose from in the convention flooring market. From traditional rich colors like green and burgundy, perfect for products geared toward a male market, to soft neutrals that will give your booth an inviting and luxurious feel.

Most ten by ten carpets come in a number of pieces that can be rolled out and taken up easily for use at the next location.

Energy Curved Fabric Displays and Other Cost Saving Fabric Trade Show Options

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Many small business owners struggle with the overwhelming costs of exhibiting at a large convention or trade show.  Many business owners do not think they cannot afford the money to create a professional booth layout so they choose not to attend the show at all.  Remember, you cannot grow your business without connecting with other people in your industry, and conventions and trade shows are a vital part of making those connections.

When you break down the costs of exhibiting at a trade show you will find that while there are some costs that cannot be reduced, like booth fees and basic travel costs, you booth design costs can vary greatly and with a little planning you can create a booth layout that is both engaging and cost effective.  Many larger companies bring in construction crews and spend thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars building solid walled units in their booths.  Obviously a small business on a budget cannot afford that kind of expenditure for every trade show or convention.  Large scale fabric displays are the perfect alternative to solid construction.

Fabric DisplaysA fabric display will help you create a banded professional look in your convention booth for less money.  These fabric systems are easy to set up and usually do not require you to hire any additional help setting up or taking them down.  In addition to the labor costs being reduced, fabric displays are lightweight and fit in easy to transport travel cases.

The energy curved fabric displays off you the opportunity to create solid walls in your booth with their state of the art tension fabric design.  You can choose to print graphics on every panel or leave some solid to allow your products to shine in front of one of the many eye pleasing color options.