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Trade Show Logistics & Organization

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Trade exhibitions generate a lot of sales revenue and are an excellent tool for branding your business and cementing the company in the minds of potential buyers and business partners. A lot of effort goes into creating trade show success, and you need to well organized and be able to manage the disparate aspects of the show so you meet your objectives.

Before the exhibition date, have your team rehearse their roles on the day. Do this several times because this will help make practices second-nature to them. It is a lot easier to meet and greet if you have been practicing doing it for several sessions beforehand for instance.

Your trade show booth and collateral will also have to be transported to the venue and set up. Practice setup for real and then have other staffers look at the show layout and display and let them give their thoughts on the impact and how to improve it. This is all good stuff to find out well in advance so you are not improvising on the day.

That said, the trade show itself will probably always have an issue which requires you to think on your feet. You can minimize these instances by performing some advance planning and research. For instance, where is the best food for the booth team to be found? How about where you will provide post-show entertaining if you hook up with prospects who want to spend time with you after the show? How about finding out where you can source items you may need if you have a breakage with your equipment or collateral?

By rehearsing and planning for the worst, you are more likely to have an incident free trade show, which will allow you to focus on the reason you are there – meeting people and generating sales interest.

ExhibitDEAL To Be Featured By “Eye On America”

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Leading Trade Show Displays company recognized for going Green

Santa Monica, CA – (PRWeb) – February 15, 2008 – ExhibitDEAL, a leading provider of trade show exhibits and accessories, is proud to announce their appearance on the NBC series “Eye on America”. 


The episode, which focuses on companies with Green and Sustainable practices, will show how ExhibitDEAL has continued to be an industry leader while lowering their carbon emissions through selling their products online and recycling the few natural resources they do use such as office supplies and ink cartridges.  ExhibitDEAL’s feature on “Eye on America” will air in April.  Check your local listing for exact dates and times.


“We’re very proud to be recognized for doing our part for the environment,” Mat Kelly, president of ExhibitDEAL said.  “It’s good to know that what we’re doing is making a difference and we hope that other companies will take notice and follow suit.”


Aside from selling their products online and recycling, ExhibitDEAL also offers a line of Green Trade Show Flooring.  Most of their employees ride bicycles to work, and instead of disposable cups and coffee stirrers, they use travel or ceramic mugs and silverware.  All of this, coupled with their online practice of their transactions, set-up instructions, and artwork specifications all being digital, have produced a company that continues to grow without continuing to take a toll on the environment.


About ExhibitDEAL

ExhibitDEAL is a Santa Monica based trade show exhibit company.  They offer environmentally friendly Point of Purchase Displays and flooring, as well as literature racks and banner stands.  A pioneer in going green in the trade show display industry, they can be found online at: .



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George R Perry

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ExhibitDEAL to Offer Top Point of Purchase Displays

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

POP Displays great for trade shows and as sales booths

Santa Monica, CA – January 23, 2008 – Continuing to offer the very best trade show displays, booths, and accessories, ExhibitDEAL is happy to announce the addition of Point of Purchase Displays to their already impressive selection of trade show products.  ExhibitDEAL can be found online at: .

Offering a line of over 200 new, top of the line POP Displays, ExhibitDEAL is one again showing why they are an industry leader for trade show booths and exhibits.  An excellent choice for both trade shows and as sales booths in office buildings, malls, and outdoor venues, POP Displays are quickly growing in popularity with an increase in the number of options available to customize the display to the needs of the owner.

“These are great, new, fun [POP] Displays and we’re very excited to be adding them to our line,” Mat Kelly, President of ExhibitDEAL said.  “They’re perfect for those that already have a trade show display and want to give their business that extra nudge, or those just looking to branch out into new areas.  There really is a POP Display for everybody and every business.”

Since 2000, ExhibitDEAL has been leading the industry with trade show displays and booths that are on the cutting edge of style and material trends.  Their selection of trade show exhibits and accessories, which include banner stands and literature racks, is second to none, and their continued commitment to the environment is clear by their selection of Green Trade Show Flooring, all of which can be found on their website: .