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Create a Strong Base for Your Trade Show Booth With Convention Carpet

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

If you are new to business or just new to convention or trade shows, you may not be familiar with every detail of convention booth design. While the details and booth offerings vary by convention host, generally the booth space you reserve includes a simple pipe and drape wall and maybe a folding table and one or two chairs. The drab generic look of the average convention booth makes it imperative that you plan to bring decorative and informative elements with you. Most people remember to order product and banners or other signs to advertise but one of the most commonly over looked elements of a trade show booth design is the flooring.

Most convention floors and concrete and many of them are scratched and show other scars from years of trade shows and other events. In addition to being not the most attractive way to showcase you products, you or your booth staff will be on their feet for hours every day talking with clients. Standing on concrete is very uncomfortable and can cause foot pain over time. One great way to remedy this common problem is to invest in a 10X10 convention carpet for you booth. The average booth size at a convention is ten feet by ten feet making this investment the perfect way to cover an unsightly convention floor with in your space and also provide your booth with an inviting base to build your booth design around.

There are many different colors and textures to choose from in the convention flooring market. From traditional rich colors like green and burgundy, perfect for products geared toward a male market, to soft neutrals that will give your booth an inviting and luxurious feel.

Most ten by ten carpets come in a number of pieces that can be rolled out and taken up easily for use at the next location.

ExhibitDEAL To Be Featured By “Eye On America”

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Leading Trade Show Displays company recognized for going Green

Santa Monica, CA – (PRWeb) – February 15, 2008 – ExhibitDEAL, a leading provider of trade show exhibits and accessories, is proud to announce their appearance on the NBC series “Eye on America”. 


The episode, which focuses on companies with Green and Sustainable practices, will show how ExhibitDEAL has continued to be an industry leader while lowering their carbon emissions through selling their products online and recycling the few natural resources they do use such as office supplies and ink cartridges.  ExhibitDEAL’s feature on “Eye on America” will air in April.  Check your local listing for exact dates and times.


“We’re very proud to be recognized for doing our part for the environment,” Mat Kelly, president of ExhibitDEAL said.  “It’s good to know that what we’re doing is making a difference and we hope that other companies will take notice and follow suit.”


Aside from selling their products online and recycling, ExhibitDEAL also offers a line of Green Trade Show Flooring.  Most of their employees ride bicycles to work, and instead of disposable cups and coffee stirrers, they use travel or ceramic mugs and silverware.  All of this, coupled with their online practice of their transactions, set-up instructions, and artwork specifications all being digital, have produced a company that continues to grow without continuing to take a toll on the environment.


About ExhibitDEAL

ExhibitDEAL is a Santa Monica based trade show exhibit company.  They offer environmentally friendly Point of Purchase Displays and flooring, as well as literature racks and banner stands.  A pioneer in going green in the trade show display industry, they can be found online at: .



Mat Kelly



Press Contact

George R Perry

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ExhibitDEAL Goes Green With Flooring

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Trade show display company starts offering environmentally friendly trade show flooring

Santa Monica, CA – November XX, 2007 – ExhibitDEAl, a leading provider of trade show displays, trade show flooring, and other trade show accessories, is proud to announce the addition of environmentally friendly trade show flooring to their selection of trade show displays and accessories that can be found on their website at:  http:/// .

In light of so many companies going “Green,” NBC most recently aired episodes of their hit shows The Office and 30 Rock, along with others, featuring story lines centered around environmental awareness, the demand for companies both small and large to be more environmentally aware is on the rise.  With that in mind, ExhibitDEAL has begun to offer a line of environmentally friendly trade show flooring that is of the same quality expected from the industry leading company, but has a lower impact on the environment as a whole.

“We’re very proud of this product,” Mat Kelly, president of ExhibitDEAL said.  “We always want to offer the best product to our customers, but being able to offer trade show flooring that’s environmentally responsible while still being a great addition to a trade show display is a winning situation for us [ExhibitDEAL], our customers, and, most importantly, the environment.”  While Mr. Kelly wouldn’t comment on whether there would be other “green” products featured in ExhibitDEAL’s product list, he was quick to point out that they are doing their part to be more eco-friendly while still offering top level products to their customers.

As the public demands that the companies they deal with be more environmentally aware, companies like ExhibitDEAL, NBC, and Universal Studios are responding by producing shows with environmental themes, broadcasting without the use of any unnecessary lights to conserve electricity, or by offering their clients trade show flooring that is of the same high quality that they’re used to, but without the same impact on the environment.  It’s believed that companies like ExhibitDEAL, NBC, and Universal are just the first in what will more than likely be many companies that offer environmentally friendly products, services, and entertainment to meet the growing demand.

About ExhibitDEAL

ExhibitDEAL is an industry leading provider of trade show displays, trade show flooring, and accessories such as literature racks and banner stands.  Their commitment to not only their customers but to the environment is evident in their expanding line of products that are not only of the highest quality, but present a low impact on the environment.