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Everything is Peachy

Friday, October 7th, 2016


Today we take a homegrown venture to the Fort Collins, Colorado outdoor Peach Festival this past September. Many popular outdoor trade show display styles could be seen in use including A-frame portable signage, many canvas tents and tall banner flags.

Brewer’s Millions

Colorado has long been well associated for beer brewing with famed, generic brands like Coors, Keystone. Budweiser brewing itself has a large facility that can be seen off the highway as you journey past Loveland. The secret is in the prized mountain water of Colorado. Brewers say that the water is so naturally clean that it doesn’t have to be filtered.

Fort Collins, the largest town in the north of Colorado is a mecca of local brews. The city was once home to only a handful of local favorites, but in the last few years has blossomed into a craft beer mecca. “FoCo” as the locals have coined, now features more local craft brewing companies than perhaps anywhere in the country.

Never is this more evident than at the yearly Fort Collins Peach Festival. At this event you can see many local companies exhibiting their brand to gain awareness. Families can play games, buy food and you guessed it – enjoy all things PEACH flavored!

Not ones to disappoint, the local brewers in attendance lined up to each showcase this season’s new peach flavored beer or cider. The results? Not all flavors are for everyone, but as you move through the tents sampling the experimental flavors, you gain a real sense of the pride and rich culture that these festivals have come to embody for the town.


A household name in Colorado, New Belgium Brewery is a popular favorite with their well known Fat Tire beer and regular experimental flavors. Their local facility welcomes visitors with tours and a unique campus-like atmosphere where bean bag and shuffle games can be played while enjoying a drink. New Belgium values fun and sustainability as brand pillars, and every employee is a part owner.


Attendees of the admission-free event line up with their purchased tickets, eager to try what medieval concoction the Horse & Dragon Brewing Company has cooked up this year.


Extra tall banner flags from familiar sponsor, the Rotary Club of Fort Collins. These double spike bases have been wedged far into the thick clay-like soil to resist the strong winds common in the area.


Many businesses exhibiting to gain awareness at the festival utilized games to gain attention and contacts to market to. Submit your information and try your luck at the bean bag toss for a chance at a nice promotional offer.


With a “sunny days per year” count that gives Florida a run for its title, renewable energy options like Solar and Wind continue to become more prevalent.


Some exhibitor’s skip the charade of games and go straight to collecting contact information toward a raffle drawing. An alluring offer like “Free Lasik” is enough to get any glasses wearer interested. Bold marketing like this could generate hundreds of potential customers for the business.


Thrivent Financial’s strategy gets more personal, intriguing festival-goers with the possibility of contributing to your favorite charitable cause.


The event is a popular attraction, with local businesses offering promotions, local food and drink and many enormous bounce house choices for kids.


We hope you enjoyed this visit out West for this year’s Fort Collins Peach Festival. Whether at a trade show, or local city sponsored event it is always important to make sure your brand looks its best and has a thought out strategy.

The ExhibitDEAL team can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

Exhibit Spotlight: Miso Pup Luxury Carriers

Friday, September 16th, 2016


Need a safe way to take what’s most precious with you? Today we put the spotlight on Miso Pup, puppy sized carriers. Miso Pup’s brand booth is a well executed use of classic, cost effective displays can help your products make a splash. We hope you’ll get some cool ideas here to use at your next event.

Who is Miso Pup?

miso-pup-logoMiso Pup positions themselves as the lifestyle brand for those who want the best, most luxurious transport comfort. Miso Pup was created from the true desire to provide PupSize® pet parents with thoughtfully designed products that allow them to “Take, Carry and Spoil” their little one. Miso Pup brand is based on an extraordinary passion and commitment to keep pups happy, healthy and by your side or in your lap.

Concept to Completion

With SuperZoo 2016 fast approaching, and Miso Pup’s new PupSize carrier line ready to debut, the ExhibitDEAL production team sprang into action to help Michelle meet her deadline.  The venue was Las Vegas’ famed Mandalay Bay Convention Center this past August 2-4th.

Let’s see how Michelle’s vision translated into art design, production and a successful exhibit presence.


Table throw and TuboZip backwall art designed to fit the personality and target market of Miso Pup brand.

Debut at SuperZoo 2016

The Miso Pup booth, largely influenced by the vision of creator Michelle Lau, shows a clever design reminiscent of a brick and mortar boutique can do a great job of calling the right attention to your brand. Michelle’s product focused booth decided on the functional, classic backwall and table throw combo.

“I initially was looking for some sort of seating and display options. I knew I wanted a backdrop and wanted to create a look that would reflect Miso Pup.

When I decided to participate in our first trade show, SuperZoo, I searched high and low for a way to create an atmosphere that would stand out. I found Exhibitdeal on the internet.

Speaking with Exhibitdeal, we discussed the pros and cons of each product I was considering. With a fairly limited budget and their knowledge of the products, narrowing down my options was easy.”

Michelle Lau | Owner | Miso Pup


This 10ft TuboZip Tension Fabric display acts as the booth backdrop, cleverly designed to simulate a locally owned storefront. This is a great way to reinforce the personality and setting associated with your brand.

“I wanted to create an inviting space within the 10 x 10 booth, but I needed a lightweight, portable and affordable solution. As a startup, and being by myself, I knew I needed something that I could carry, assemble and dismantle myself. I also wanted to create something that could easily be transported, if we decided to do other events out of state.

The Exhibitdeal team was so helpful. They sent me photos to give me an idea of booth space. I found a stock image online that would work and then mocked up some changes. The Exhibitdeal art department was great, they created the perfect image based on my drafts.

Michelle Lau | Owner | Miso Pup


Continuing the “traditional storefront” theme, these two elegant white table covers present a stylized design reminiscent of an old fashioned hard wood table.

“The Miso Pup booth was a hit at the show. We received so many compliments on our booth and product line. The appearance of our booth really helped us solidify our placement in the pet industry, as a new and innovative game changer.

Honestly, the display was perfect. It came neatly packed in its own case (with wheels), which made it easy to get into the convention center. There are so many rules as to how, what and when you can set up. Wheeling in the backdrop and setting it up, by myself was truly effortless. I was so impressed and happy with the matching symbols on the frame, putting it together was a breeze.”

Michelle Lau | Owner | Miso Pup


Michelle Lau with her merchandise displayed at SuperZoo 2016.

“Even though the display was a little more than I planned to spend, everyone was so friendly and helpful I knew I wanted to work with ExhibitDEAL.

They made everything super easy and the graphic art department created what I couldn’t myself. John and Gene were absolutely awesome. This was our first trade show and they made everything so easy.”

Michelle Lau  | Owner  | Miso Pup

Looking Ahead

Miso Pup’s booth graphics were designed to fit into a retail brand environment and not just focus on the pet industry. With this aforethought, Michelle plans to continue using her display and table throws at bigger retail industry trade shows to help her create awareness about her products.

The feedback from SuperZoo 2016 was so positive that Miso Pup has expressed interest in adding displays to grow their booth presence for the next show.

We hope you enjoyed this inside look at how we support emerging needs for the Miso Pup brand. From concept to order it has been a fulfilling collaboration we’re proud to be a part of.

The ExhibitDEAL team can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

Miami Dade Puts a New Face Forward

Friday, August 12th, 2016


Today we put the spotlight on a valued client with an impressive collection of work produced through us. Their investment in Curved Pop Ups, Counters, Throws and Retractable Banner Stands shows Miami Dade College’s trust in the consistent quality and excellence of our branding solutions. We would like to show you some of the displays that have come from our continued relationship, and maybe you can get some cool ideas to use at your next event.


Who is Miami Dade College?

As democracy’s college, Miami Dade College changes lives through accessible, high-quality teaching and learning experiences. The College embraces its responsibility to serve as an economic, cultural and civic leader for the advancement of our diverse global community.


Concept to Completion

Miami Dade’s new branding displays would debut at MDC Day. The event called for visually consistent designs with unique images and text to express the individuality of each department. For different academics, our graphic design team worked with MDC to produce art that focuses on the values that make each department great.


Preparing for MDC Day Event

This was a special event in Tallahassee for Miami Dade College to showcase their innovative education programs in the Florida House of Representatives. Program Directors from six MDC Schools had the opportunity to present their unique curriculum to State Representatives. The idea of the visual design was to highlight the students at work, using real photographs, not stock images. The result was an engaging display that could communicate the way MDC is transforming the student’s lives.


Matthew Wohl with the new set of 10ft Curved Pop Ups, EA300 with Case Wrap and Retractable Banner Stands.



Fresh off production, the new fleet of MDC 10ft Pop Ups and Retractable Banners designed for their different university departments.



Miami Dade with their presentation set up. They chose the popular 10ft Curved Pop Up Display with two deep navy Draped Table Throws.

 Emerge Americas 2016 Event

MDC wanted to have a more impressive presentation at this event, to highlight their capabilities in technology and innovation. The idea was to create an open space with plenty of live demonstration of various technologies students are working on. The display design featured and L shaped wall that would help brand their space, with attractive colors and futuristic design. In the middle, a truss structure branded with large headers helped secure the equipment for a live virtual reality demonstration. A custom reception counter doubling as workstation helped complete the setup.


Miami Dade (1)

 MDC expanded their marketing plans in 2016 which brought this amazing booth set up to life. Our popular collapsible pop up frame is seen here with an L-shape layout that spans the large booth space. Notice the excellent use of screens for dynamic messaging that prompts more visitor engagement as seen with the Interactive Kiosk setup to the right side of the Pop Up Display.

Miami Dade (2)

 To the left is a tightly fit 6ft Stretch Table Cover. Quattro Connector Counter with accompanying monitor. The booth center features a four sided Truss system with large apex Banners at the top.


“It looks great. You did a great job.”

Matthew Wohl | Chairperson of Entertainment School | Miami Dade College

Looking Ahead

The feedback from Emerge was so successful that MDC has already contracted an even larger space for 2017. ExhibitDEAL is currently working on an impressive new design to create a visually appealing display, while incorporating features for the booth to be functional and easy to assemble. Can’t wait to make it a reality!

We hope you enjoyed this inside look at how we support the volume of display needs for the MDC brand. From concept to order it has been a fulfilling collaboration.

The ExhibitDEAL team can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.