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The 7 Habits of Highly-Effective Trade Shows

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Steven R. Covey has helped millions of people in their business and professional lives with his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. The Seven Habits, first written 17 years ago, has proven to be an effective guide for personal and professional development. And these principles, when applied to your trade show experience, can dramatically improve your experience at the event and your results.

Treating your portable trade show display like your portable office is the key to maximizing your effectiveness at each and every event. The purpose of a trade show is connecting with people, and portable trade show displays enable you to create a space for educating prospects about what your company has to offer and qualifying leads to pitch them for a sale or follow up with them later. (more…)


Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Most companies spend a good chunk of money on trade show admission fees, the trade show booth, marketing and even generating publicity about their presence at the event.

But when the trade show is over, there is no strategy or accountability for contacting the leads generated from the event. And that, my friends, is like flushing money right down the toilet.

Because we’ve all heard it before, and there’s no need to sound like a broken record, I will simply say this: FOLLOW UP ON YOUR LEADS! Julia O’Connor, a speaker, author, and consultant who is an expert in psychology of the trade show environment does a great job reiterating this point in her article on’s website:

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Inventive Uses for Your Trade Show Accessories

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

When shopping for trade show displays, save money on your overall budget by choosing trade show accessories that stretch your marketing dollars. Table top displays, literature racks and portable projection screens are all products that can be used after the trade show to enhance your office environment or used in other ways.

As you purchase your trade show booth, you will find offers to purchase additional items to make your space more efficient, more organized or more appealing to trade show attendees. If you’re on a tight budget, the costs can quickly add up, so it only makes sense to purchase those items that can later be used in your office or retail space.

Here are a few ideas to get more “bang for your buck” with your trade show accessories.

Table Top Displays

Table top displays are an affordable option to begin with because they can be used as the focal point of your trade show space, or as part of a larger trade show display. And when the trade show is over, this marketing piece can continue to be useful

The table top display is a strong visual element that contains key information about your product or company. You can extend its usefulness after the trade show by putting it on display in several different ways:

  • In your company reception area or at the front of the store to inform visitors about your company or a new product
  • In training sessions with employees to remind them of the company’s key business principles
  • As a portable marketing tool when making presentations to clients
  • To introduce the company to the general public or communicate a key message or messages when sponsoring an event

Table top displays are one of the most useful and versatile marketing accessories that are worth the investment whether you decide to attend a trade show or not.

Literature Racks

While you literature racks are very useful in organizing your printed materials at a trade show, they can also be used as an organizational tool around the office.

Organize Your Marketing Materials at the Office – If a prospect walked in off of the street and wanted general information about your company, are your printed materials easily accessible?. The literature rack will keep all of the materials organized and your staff will easily be able to see when materials need to be replenished.

Shape Up Office Décor – Do you have magazines for your clients to read while they wait to meet with you? We’ve all been to a doctor’s office that has magazines strewn all over the tables and chairs. A literature rack is an excellent way to keep all of the magazines organized and in one place. Also, you can avoid clutter by using a literature rack in your own personal office to organize the various weekly or monthly magazines, annual reports and other publications you receive.

Keep Employees Informed – You can place a literature rack in the employee kitchen or “break room” to display updates to company policies such as: health insurance or investment benefits, holiday schedules, worker’s compensation rights, special company-sponsored events for employees and the community and even the latest internal company newsletter or publication.

Literature racks are an incredibly helpful organizational tool that reduce clutter and can be used to keep internal and external audiences abreast of the latest developments within your organization.

Portable Projection Screen

Whether you are showing a slideshow or a mini-movie, the portable projection screen can be that little something extra that increases traffic to your trade show booth.

Because it is easily transported, the portable projection screen can also be used inside and outside of the office after the trade show. When giving a client presentation, your portable projection screen enables you to arrive at the meeting fully prepared to do a standard Power Point presentation, or a more elaborately executed multimedia visual. At the office, whether you are reviewing graphs with statistical data at an internal meeting or showing a slide show of candid office photos at the annual holiday party, your portable projection screen is a handy tool that can easily be stored without taking up much space.

If you use discretion when choosing your trade show display accessories, you will have materials that can be quite useful around the office. Depending on the size of your office space, and the needs of your staff, keep the table top display, literature rack and portable projection screen in mind when you want to make a wise investment with your marketing dollars.

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