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Four Marketing Display Options For You To Consider

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


Having the right signage means your tradeshow display will receive the right kind of attention. Custom signs don’t have to be expensive; we offer many professional looking displays to fit any budget. Our experienced graphics teams can make your designs look clean and colorful, no matter how complicated they may be.  Here are several signage options that you might want to consider when designing your space for the next tradeshow.

Banner stands

These cost efficient options, are light, highly portable, and easy to set up and take down. Our retractable banner stands come in a range of sizes. We offer personalized, full color vinyl banners that stretch between two plastic bars which prevent wrinkling or mis-hanging. Our signs come in wall mounted, floor mounted, and outdoor varieties which are resistant to wind and other elements. Free standing tension banner stands are available in several eye-catching shapes, and you can even order custom shapes from our design department. Make your tradeshow display as unique as your business with a custom banner design.

Pop up displays

These large, sturdy displays come in floor or table mounted options. They are great as a backdrop to your booth or as a focal point. They even come with display lighting built right into the unit so you can rest assured that visitors don’t miss a thing. If you’re looking for something to really set your tradeshow booth apart from the competition, then don’t miss our custom pop up displays. These free standing floor displays come in a number of shapes including the dramatic Reverse Gullwing and Propeller. These are great for fitting into the non-standard spaces you may sometimes get stuck with at tradeshows and other marketing opportunities. Give even the most ordinary of spaces an architectural flourish with one of these displays.

Fabric displays

Similar to banner stands but made out of more durable silkscreened cloth, fabric displays lend your marketing a touch of class. Try our Aspen Fabric Frame panels to make your display pop. These panels come in a variety of customizable sizes, and we offer hardware that allows them to be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or floor. We can also make them two sided for a 360 degree view. If you want something more dramatic, then have a look at the Xr-Line of fabric displays. These floor mounted united provide a colorful, custom backdrop for your display. You can choose from a number of designs, including some with tables and storage space built right into the unit.

Digital signs

These LCD digital signs will help you really make a splash. These signs are easy to set up and operate, and offer fully customizable and changeable content. You can even store several programs on the sign at once, so you can switch easily between static picture marketing and dynamic video presentations. The thin LCD screens are light weight and easy to transport, and our digital signage stands are simple and intuitive to set up.  If you want a professional marketing tool that can adapt to your changing needs for years to come, then consider investing in digital signage.

No matter what your signage needs, our design team is willing to work with you to provide marketing options that fit your space requirements and budget without sacrificing quality.

Designing Your Trade Show Booth With The Client In Mind

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

You’re confident in your sales pitch, you’re certain your product and/or service is solid, and you’re excited to sell it to the world. You’ve worked very hard up to this point, and now it’s time to go the extra mile by introducing your business, product, and vision to the public at your very first trade show event. And while simply showing up has exposed your company and service to multitudes of potential clients, the ultimate objective is to present an exhibit space that not only represents your company and service but compels passersby to stop, think, and consider how your product can benefit them. Here are a few examples of effective trade show booth components that you can incorporate into your own presentation to make the right first impression, and gain clients in the process.


Trade Shows Come and Go but Pop-Up Displays are Forever

Depending on the size of the trade show you’re presenting at, and the number of events you’ll be attending throughout the year, you may find that an easy-to-assemble pop-up display works best. These highly portable and convenient exhibits come in various sizes, from tabletop units to full-size floor models, and may be mixed and matched to create a customized display area that’s right for you. Pop-up exhibits can be especially helpful if your assembly team is limited or you find yourself working under strict deadlines to vacate the show room after the event ends.

Fortify Your Exhibit Space with Portable Panel Systems

If ultimate customization is what you’re looking for in your trade booth exhibit, then you might prefer to go with a portable panel-style booth. Specially designed to create an engaging and interactive space for customers, portable panel displays can be configured with features like desktop peninsulas, banner stands, and vital wall space to showcase your products and services. The added workspace and shelving options that panel system booths allow for can also be suited for such elements as live demonstrations, interactive graphic modules, and retail counters.

Create the Right Backdrop for Your Booth’s Success with Softspace Displays

To create a truly multidimensional trade show booth, it’s important to use all of your allotted space effectively. Softspace display elements can complement your exhibit by providing depth to your display area. Softspace displays are also fully customizable to be as simple or multifaceted as you like. By incorporating components like graphic panels, light fixtures, and scenery walls to your booth, you encourage your visitors to linger a little longer as they look over everything you have to offer. Even the more subtle details offered in softspace displays go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on your intended audience.

Swag bags are fun and everyone enjoys snatching up a complimentary pen, pin, or cookie, but that’s not what keeps potential clients’ attention for very long. The thoughtful arrangement and intelligent presentation of your trade show booth can really make the difference between simply being seen or being intriguing and memorable. Along with arming your exhibit with charming attendants, easy-to-identify signage, and a product to be proud of, these display elements can help put you on the map of the showroom floor and keep you and your service on your customers’ minds long after the trade show ends.

Stand Out from the Crowd with Banner Stands

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Psst! Want to get a little attention at your next trade show? Its easier than you might think. You already know you need great products and services to get a crowd excited. But to help them find you in a busy trade show, try adding Banner Stands to your next display. Banner Stands offer the ability to showcase that new product or service easily at your display, letting it be one of the first things customer sees. Here are a few of our favorite tips to make your Banner Stands truly unforgettable.retractable-banner-cat

Add unique graphics and make them “pop”! When planning your display, remember that at a trade show your banner is something people will be able to see at a distance. It will be something you can use to draw in a crowd from across the room. Take advantage of this opportunity, and give them something great to see. This is the ideal space to put your spokesperson, top new product or something you are promoting at the trade show.

Have something great to say. This is another important factor to keep in mind. Not only do you want to use graphics, but you want to say something. One of the best things you can add is your company name. Another thing to add would be the tag line or slogan for your latest product or promotion. Make whatever you say something memorable, like that song that keeps running through your head hours after you’ve taken that spinning class at the gym.

Make them an offer they can’t afford to refuse. Want to really draw a crowd? Use your banner as the ideal opportunity to offer visitors something when they visit your booth. They could sample your product, get a free T-shirt or other promotional item. Another exciting opportunity would be to meet your spokesperson!

Our best inside secret of all: use the billboard strategy. Billboards used to be one of the most popular forms of advertising, today you’ll still find billboards in a few favorite places. Billboards can be quite memorable and successful. So what makes a great billboard? It needs to be memorable. It also needs to have appealing graphics, that suit the company to a “T.” That billboard also needs to say something, a “call to action” that reminds you to buy to product, make a call, to do something. Plan yours with that same strategy in mind. Take advantage of the opportunity they offer you at your next trade show, and prepare for a great crowd at your booth!