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Today we take a homegrown venture to the Fort Collins, Colorado outdoor Peach Festival this past September. Many popular outdoor trade show display styles could be seen in use including A-frame portable signage, many canvas tents and tall banner flags.

Brewer’s Millions

Colorado has long been well associated for beer brewing with famed, generic brands like Coors, Keystone. Budweiser brewing itself has a large facility that can be seen off the highway as you journey past Loveland. The secret is in the prized mountain water of Colorado. Brewers say that the water is so naturally clean that it doesn’t have to be filtered.

Fort Collins, the largest town in the north of Colorado is a mecca of local brews. The city was once home to only a handful of local favorites, but in the last few years has blossomed into a craft beer mecca. “FoCo” as the locals have coined, now features more local craft brewing companies than perhaps anywhere in the country.

Never is this more evident than at the yearly Fort Collins Peach Festival. At this event you can see many local companies exhibiting their brand to gain awareness. Families can play games, buy food and you guessed it – enjoy all things PEACH flavored!

Not ones to disappoint, the local brewers in attendance lined up to each showcase this season’s new peach flavored beer or cider. The results? Not all flavors are for everyone, but as you move through the tents sampling the experimental flavors, you gain a real sense of the pride and rich culture that these festivals have come to embody for the town.


A household name in Colorado, New Belgium Brewery is a popular favorite with their well known Fat Tire beer and regular experimental flavors. Their local facility welcomes visitors with tours and a unique campus-like atmosphere where bean bag and shuffle games can be played while enjoying a drink. New Belgium values fun and sustainability as brand pillars, and every employee is a part owner.


Attendees of the admission-free event line up with their purchased tickets, eager to try what medieval concoction the Horse & Dragon Brewing Company has cooked up this year.


Extra tall banner flags from familiar sponsor, the Rotary Club of Fort Collins. These double spike bases have been wedged far into the thick clay-like soil to resist the strong winds common in the area.


Many businesses exhibiting to gain awareness at the festival utilized games to gain attention and contacts to market to. Submit your information and try your luck at the bean bag toss for a chance at a nice promotional offer.


With a “sunny days per year” count that gives Florida a run for its title, renewable energy options like Solar and Wind continue to become more prevalent.


Some exhibitor’s skip the charade of games and go straight to collecting contact information toward a raffle drawing. An alluring offer like “Free Lasik” is enough to get any glasses wearer interested. Bold marketing like this could generate hundreds of potential customers for the business.


Thrivent Financial’s strategy gets more personal, intriguing festival-goers with the possibility of contributing to your favorite charitable cause.


The event is a popular attraction, with local businesses offering promotions, local food and drink and many enormous bounce house choices for kids.


We hope you enjoyed this visit out West for this year’s Fort Collins Peach Festival. Whether at a trade show, or local city sponsored event it is always important to make sure your brand looks its best and has a thought out strategy.

The ExhibitDEAL team can be reached at Sales@Exhibitdeal.com or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

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