Marketing Tips to Increase Your Trade Show ROI

This infographic provides helpful advice on maximizing your trade show business and increasing your ROI. Some of the trade show conference tips provided include:

Match Your Audience to your Business Goals

If the goal is to raise venture capital, target fiance and investment conferences.

Target Your Potential Customers

Identify the top five or ten companies you want to talk to. Then make sure to do your research so you speak to them knowledgeably about how your value proposition applies to them specifically.

Build & Strengthen Reporter Relationships

Reach out to the conference organizers ahead of time to ask for the press list. Also reach out to key industry reporters to ask if they’re planning to go.

Booth, Sponsor, Speak or Attend

There are numerous ways in which companies can participate in conference or trade shows.

Plug into Social Media

Many conference use social media platforms to keep attendees update or provide special notification for their followers. Use those platforms to interact with your customers and reporters.

Scope Out the Good Parties

Often, the more relaxed setting enables better connections. And, after a long day of getting the most out of you conference investment, you deserve a free beer or glass of wine.

10 Tips for Increasing Trade Show ROI infographic

Of course, as a trade show attendee with a booth, the best thing you can do is get the right booth for your trade show. Contact or call (866-577-DEAL) ExhibitDeal to help.

Infographic by Tigercomm

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