Trade Show Spring Cleaning for Exhibitors

May 29th, 2015


Those who have researched and purchased trade show displays know that making your brand look its best and present professionally can be a lofty investment. For most this is an understandable “cost of doing business” and is allocated naturally into a company’s marketing budget. What isn’t as easy to overlook is unfortunate mishaps where your exhibit is damaged due to impatience, negligence or simply not being maintained well over the years. We recommend checking out the great tips for Maintaining Your Trade Show Display to Protect Your Investment so your exhibit stands the test of time.

On that note, this week’s featured article by Marlys Arnold discusses many crucial tips for both exhibit maintenance and other considerations you may want to update between convention events.

As the weather warms and flowers begin to bloom, there’s often an urge to do spring cleaning around the house: garage, closets, front yard, you name it.

But what about your exhibit marketing program … have you thought about giving it a thorough spring cleaning as well?

You may still be in the middle of show season, but as things begin to wind down for the summer months (for many exhibitors, anyway), examine the following aspects of your exhibit display and determine:

  • What elements need to be cleaned, fixed or even replaced?
  • Is it time to add new graphic elements or lighting to refresh the look?
  • Are there scratches and dings that need a touch-up?
  • Could the colors or finishes be brought more up to date?
  • How could you rearrange or repurpose the elements you already have? (Known in the fashion world as “shopping your closet.”)

But it’s not just the display that you should be considering during your spring cleaning activities. Also consider the following aspects of your exhibit strategy:

  • Review your list of shows where you exhibit and determine which ones should continue to make the cut vs. which ones could be scaled back or skipped altogether.
  • Evaluate which promotional tools should remain in your toolbox. Assume nothing! What worked in the past doesn’t necessarily still work now.
  • Investigate what new technology is available (there are no shortage of options) and which ones make sense for your exhibit program.
  • Scale back the items you take to hand out at shows – giveaways, collateral materials, etc.
  • Spruce up your follow-up strategy.

By spending some time to refresh and renew, you can make a tired old exhibit look new again.

Have questions on what areas of your trade show booth you should concentrate on updating? We have created and repaired thousands of trade show exhibits, give the ExhibitDEAL team a call to discuss some cost effective solutions that will help you to look fantastic on your exhibition day.

ExhibitDEAL can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

Great Solutions for Point of Purchase Displays

May 26th, 2015

There are many similarities between Point of Purchase (P.O.P.), sometimes called Point of Sale (P.O.S.) retail focused selling and trade show sales. In both cases, the mentality of your visitors is goal oriented, often arriving with items they want to buy or at least browse in person to help narrow down their options. The fact is that this focus is important to your bottom line and contributes quite a bit to overall sales. Some studies show a boost in sales of as much as 2,000%. Check out some of the new products with a Point of Purchase focus in mind.

Get Your Message Out Front

Ensuring your brand has success in the retail point of purchase market requires getting your message in front of the right people, with maximum exposure. An excellent, cost effective way to be mindful of increasing exposure is to use advertising that can be seen from many angles of approach so your message is not missed.

Tri-Tower 360° Banner Stand KitCheck out the 3-sided “Tri-Tower” 360 Banner Stand with its signature linked banner rail that easily clips onto the graphic. This is wonderful since it allows you to use one hardware frame with pivoting connector joints that attach the 3 banner graphics into one frame. Now your great offers can be seen by all sides someone is going to walk passed so you have more chances to make them aware and convert a sale.

Tri-Tower 360 Banner Stand


  • Snap rails at the top and bottom for easy installation
  • Hinged connectors can be used to easily change the configurations
  • Adjustable height 2-piece telescoping flip level poles
  • Includes a reinforced soft case for protection
  • 1 year warranty

Kit Includes

  • (1) Hardware
  • (3) Graphics
  • (1) Carry case

Next up, we have a banner stand solution that is available single or double sided so you can decide which graphics are needed depending on where the stand will be set up for maximum exposure. The Everyday use Banner Stand  works great for many functions and everyday use. This banner stand is popular thanks to its easy snap rail that grasps the banner stand graphic for easy messaging updates in seconds. The banner stand is available in your choice of a 24″ and 30″ banner options. The height is also adjustable thanks to a telescoping pole.

24" Everyday Snap Rail Banner Stand

Everyday-use Snap Rail Banner Stand


  • Easily adjust telescoping pole with thumb screw
  • Top and bottom snap rail allows quick and easy banner changes
  • No pole pockets in banner finishing
  • Can be used single-sided or purchase additional banner for double-sided use
  • 1 year warranty on hardware

Kit Includes

  • (1) Hardware
  • (1) Graphics

Suggested Uses:

  • Trade Shows
  • Promotions
  • Entryways
  • Coffee Shops

Lastly we have introduced a flat wall standalone kiosk with excellent engagement potential. Since static displays are more and more becoming neutral white noise to the consumer, a solution like this can give the boost your POP marketing needs. The 35″ Vector Frame Monitor Kiosk combines the modern, professional style of the Vector frame’s popular Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) for a sleek frame-less appearance using tension fabric graphics. The monitor and graphics are available in your choice of single or double sided so you can turn this display into a truly independent visitor information booth to offer exciting new ways for your brand to engage directly with your buyers.35" Vector Frame Monitor Kiosk

35″ Vector Frame Monitor Kiosk


  • “Push-fit” fabric Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) for seamless appearance
  • and easy-to assemble 100mm extrusion frames
  • Choose from single or double-sided SEG dye sublimated fabric graphics
  • Kiosk supports 26-40″ monitor (monitor not included)
  • Maximum monitor weight: 25lbs
  • Comes packaged in one OCH wheeled molded case for transport or storage
  • Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects

Kit Includes

  • Frame
  • SEG graphic
  • (2) Feet
  • (1) Monitor Mount with 25 lbs support (monitor not included)
  • (1) OCH case

Suggested Uses

  • Trade Shows
  • Hospitality
  • Malls

Add Something Unique

We all know what a banner stand or kiosk looks like, and despite our best efforts and clever messaging with flashy graphics, there is still a chance these traditional billboards will sink into the background. The more unique the more chance you have to get noticed – so we recommend something like the 1ft x 1ft Cube Display. This solution allows you to get your message out there in a way that prompts a second look. The greatest appeal of the Cubes is that they work well as standalone solutions, but best in a series. You can combine multiple cubes together in a tower style stack, L-shape or larger cube. Each cube can feature its own branded graphic or be printed to create a larger image as you combine the cubes into one.

1ft Fabric Cube Display

1ft Fabric Cube Display


  • Grabs attention as people pass by your business
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Space saving flexibility for amazing portability
  • Very fast set up and take down

Kit Includes

  • (1) 1ft Small Cube Display
  • (1) Fabric Graphic

Suggested Uses

  • Point of Purchase Offers
  • Storefront Awareness
  • School Events
  • Craft Fairs

Backlit displays like the 33″ Eclipse Tower offer a cool, streamline shape with large surface area for your product offers. This kit includes the tower, semi-transparent graphics and lighting to create the eye-catching luminous effect. The backlit appearance benefits both sides with double graphics included in the kit. The frame is available in silver or black aluminum and comes with a hard OCP case to protect your investment. 

33" Eclipse Backlit Tower

33″ Eclipse Backlit Tower


  • Double sided free-standing tower
  • 24” or 33” wide x 72” tall “bubble” panels for maximum visibility
  • Choice of silver or black aluminum edge extrusions
  • Black thermoformed laminate top & bottom plates
  • Requires simple assembly
  • Optional lighting kit adds an attractive element to tower and is simple to assemble
  • New two part uprights disassemble, allowing unit to collapse into popular wheeled OCP case for easy transport
  • Easy, quick graphic changes
  • Quick shipping

Kit Includes

  • (1) 33″ Tower frame
  • (1) Lighting kit
  • (2) Translucent graphics
  • (1) OCP case

Brand Everything

In trade shows and retail marketing, any potential spaces for branding are assets that shouldn’t be overlooked. Table covers remain a fundamental part of your marketing that can often be overlooked. During a product demonstration or POP display setup, your professional presentation is completed by including a nicely printed table throw. Whether this is a folding table full spread or a smaller, round cocktail table like the 42.5″ Fitted Round Table Throw you have bountiful options for branding your accessories.42.5" Fitted Round Table Throw   42.5″ Fitted Round Table Throw


  • Sleek fitted look
  • A perfect fit with our Round Tables
  • Flame retardant, premium polyester poplin fabric
  • Machine washable and wrinkle resistant
  • Do not dry clean and do not iron


  • (1) 42.5″ Round Table Throw

Suggested Uses

  • Social Gatherings
  • Weddings
  • Trade Shows
  • Galas


We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at the latest point of purchase displays that are available on the our store and how they can be used to give your company an advantage on convention day. Have questions on which accessories will help create the most engagement in your booth space? The ExhibitDEAL team can be reached at or call (866) 577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

Exhibit Spotlight: Worldwide Adventures

April 24th, 2015


This issue of Exhibit Spotlight focuses on the team at Worldwide Adventures where we provide a ‘one-stop shop’ service to fulfill whatever they need.


Joe Barrio, the owner of Worldwide Adventures has been hunting for 38 years across South Africa, Alaska, and North America. He has fished the Hawaiian Islands, Mexico and Africa as well, bringing his clients to places recommended to have plentiful game, unsurpassed fishing and big game hunting with the most comfortable accommodations to make your worldwide adventure become a reality.

It all starts with a dream – 9 years ago Joe Barrio was working as a swimming pool contractor in Arizona. During the recent economic downturn he decided to step back and take a hunting trip to Africa. Forever changed by the beauty, he began pursuing ways to facilitate guided tours to exotic global locations and began crafting a business model. Realizing there was enough shared interest in exotic big game hunting, he began lining up contracts for safari tours to Africa and hasn’t looked back since.

Whether this is your first safari, 10th safari, or you’re a novice, Joe will prepare you for your world wide adventure!


The Mission
When Joe Barrio began looking for avenues to better promote his worldwide safari tours, he wasn’t sure where to begin or display styles he is looking for – he came with a vision.

Worldwide Adventures had limited time to complete their project, but did not yet have a clear idea on what style trade show display they wanted to promote their company, or what they could get with their small business budget.

Joe began researching on the computer and making calls to exhibit retailers, searching for a team that could fulfill his brand’s needs. Joe and John Cornell, Director of Sales at ExhibitDEAL began discussing options to find the “best bang for his buck”. After in-depth discussion, Cornell was able to narrow down recommendations to popular retractable banner stands, table throws, and backdrop HD safari images.

“John Cornell was so easy to work with, the graphics were spot on! His team was able to see my vision and run with it. Everything just fell into place and all came out great. I had called on Thursday, and by Saturday I had my project in hand. The team really pulled through on our tight timeline.

We are always in search of new opportunities and more leads; more qualified people to purchase hunting tours from us. It’s a challenge, you need the right ‘pond’ and right date and venue. You want the right show, you want the right space at the show and there’s a learning curve to it.

Since putting my new exhibit materials to work my lead stream has increased probably 150% overnight. I looked like I had spent a lot but it wasn’t. It completely changed things for me!”
- Joe Barrio | Owner, Worldwide Adventures

Worldwide Adventures booth

Proven Results
The end result Joe was able to achieve was a surprisingly attractive 20ft booth space that utilizes popular traditional convention displays such as banner stands, table throws and wall graphics along with his own unique safari keepsakes. Authentic zebra fur floor “carpets” and eye-catching totems made from legitimately attained elephant tusks welcome visitors into the booth space. The booth elements come together elegantly, a simple but creative pairing that is hard to overlook.


“Since working with ExhibitDEAL we’ve gotten a lot more attention. Sure you could hang a sheet backdrop with a chair and try to qualify leads, but you’re just not going to look the part.

When you’re selling high end adventure packages but your company branding looks thrown together, that’s what people see; its the impression people get of you. It is important to look the part of what you’re selling or your clients have trouble taking you seriously.”
- Joe Barrio | Owner, Worldwide Adventures

Despite working within a limited budget, Joe’s booth was crafted to highlight the company’s value proposition: taking you on the safari adventure of your life! This focus on generating awareness relies on showing other clients in places they would normally never visit, doing things they normally never could.

The booth came together wonderfully, creating a balanced rustic appeal that puts outdoor enthusiasts right at home. The layout is a great example of achieving a lot with creative use of what you have available and making those assets go to work for you.

“Thanks to John’s input we were able to win best booth of the year at the 2015 Sacramento National Sportman’s Expo, he’s a really good guy.”
- Joe Barrio | Owner, Worldwide Adventures


“When we found out about the award I was blown out of my socks, I had no idea! I was completely shocked and it was great. It was nice to be acknowledged for my work. You guys saw my vision and what I wanted to do. It’s easy to have a vision but to make it come to life is a whole different ballgame.”
Joe Barrio | Owner, Worldwide Adventures

We were naturally thrilled to hear that Joe had won the “Best Booth of ISE 2015 Sacramento” award. Achievements like these embody the success we want all our clients to reach. Your brand + ExhibitDEAL consultation = a promotional booth that is truly your own.


“Working with ExhibitDEAL was off the shelf, A+ it was great. I’ve recommended others already!”
Joe Barrio | Owner, Worldwide Adventures

Do you have an upcoming event? ExhibitDEAL offers full service production, including free consultation and 2 hours of complimentary graphic design to get your booth presence started off right. Give us a call at 866-577-DEAL or Email today. Our team of exhibit experts are on hand to answer any questions you have and guide you to the best DEAL.