Stand Out In A Crowd With A Hybrid Tradeshow Display

hybrid-basic-10b-thumbBusinesses around the country employ the practice of attending and marketing at tradeshows.  It’s something many corporations do because they can accomplish several business objectives in one place.  They can scope out the competition, showcase their best products and services, market to their target audiences, and impress those who have the ability to make purchasing decisions to name a few.  The question, however, remains how can you make your display stand out in a busy tradeshow?  Hybrid displays are becoming an increasingly popular choice.  They offer an extraordinary setting to land your next big sale.

Tension Fabric

Traditionally, aluminum and laminate materials have been used in the creation of tradeshow exhibits, and they continue to play a role in hybrid displays.  A new material that has been added to the mix, however, is tension fabric.  Hybrid tradeshow displays use all the traditional elements, but also incorporate the use of tension fabric.  There are a few reasons why fabric is making an appearance.

  1. It’s less expensive
  2. It’s lighter weight
  3. It’s resistant to damage

It costs far less to print on fabric than it does to print on other materials.  The savings in printing alone can impact the cost of the overall display in a big way.  The fact that fabric is light weight is also a great benefit.  Not only is it less expensive to ship, it’s a lot easier to assemble on site at a show.  Many corporations hit up numerous tradeshows across the country and market in these venues.  Fabric elements in a display will keep looking new tradeshow after tradeshow, and considering the investment to create the display it is important to have materials that will hold up through multiple set-ups and tear-downs.

Aluminum Extrusion

Using aluminum as the framework for a display is not a new concept.  It possesses benefits similar to those listed above for tension fabric.  It’s lightweight, durable, and can be less expensive than other framework materials.  It also allows the tension fabric to be maintained constantly with the frame in an extrusive way.  This means little to no aluminum will be exposed in the display, making a more streamlined, professional appearance.

By combining aluminum extrusion and tension fabric, displays can be designed in eye-catching and interesting ways.  The fabric can be pulled in certain directions that are determined by the shape of the framework.  The display can be a standard rectangular shape with sharp right angles, but it can also have some sleek curves.  The tension fabric held in place by a solid frame will maintain its shape without ripples or wrinkles.

Attractive Design

Visitors to a tradeshow exhibit generally see the display first and company representatives second.  Having an attractive booth may be the deciding factor between coming to chat and walking away.  It can be a challenge to maintaining a booth that is attractive, long lasting, and cost effective, but hybrid displays can easily help to accomplish these three objectives.  It shouldn’t be surprising to notice that they are popping up at shows across the country as they become more and more popular.  Making an attractive first impression can help you stand out in a crowd, and can help you find the right people to sell to.

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