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Ways Outdoor Signage Can Help Your Business

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Outdoor Banner

Are you opening a new business?  Will you have a store front that you need to attract people to?  Investing in high quality signage that you can display outdoors near your new location may help you to draw new customers to your location.  Outdoor signage is similar to any banner or display you would use indoors except that it is made with materials that can hold up in outdoor weather conditions.  Most outdoor signs can withstand rain or extreme sun exposure without fading.  In addition to having an outdoor ready banner or sign, you will also need a banner stand that is designed for the outdoors.  Even the smallest winds can send a banner stand designed for indoor use toppling over.  Not only will this make your sign ineffective, you run the risk that your sign could injure a potential customer or passerby.

You can avoid any troubles by ordering an outdoor sign for your business.   Over time you may find several different uses for your outdoor signs.  Use them to promote a business location, advertise outside of a convention or trade show, or even set up at an outdoor festival.  Every business has different marketing needs and targets different types of clients but being able to advertise outdoors near public spaces will increase your brands exposure.

There are three basic categories that most outdoor signs fit in.  The first is flags.  Flags offer you a way to advertise your product in an expansive outdoor area and ensure you logo will be seen from great distances.  Perhaps the most common type of outdoor signs is banners.  Banners can be easily displayed in a number of ways.  You can hang them over the door of your business, along a fence at a sporting event, or use them to hang on the front of a table at an outdoor registration for a fair or other community event.  Finally, if you exhibit your products or sponsor outdoor events regularly, it may be worth the investment to order a customized tent canopy with your company’s graphics printed on it.