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Digital Banner Stand Kits

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Digital Banner Stand

Whether you are planning a trade show booth, product launch, or in store marketing campaign, including a digital banner as part of your campaign will draw people’s attention and give your brand a state of the art look.  Traditional signage is still an effective way to market a product, but digital technology will give you the flexibility to keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace.

Digital banner stands come in a number of sizes and can offer you several options for promoting your project.  You can choose a monitor that displays both images and video to give your marketing team an arsenal of multimedia tools.  With a digital banner stand you can display a loop of images set to music, video testimonials, product information videos and professional commercials.  A digital banner stand will keep people engaged many times longer than a traditional banner.

For most people, the best choice when buying a digital banner is to buy a kit.  Digital banner stand kits provide a company with everything they need to start advertising their products right away.  These kits usually include the stand, which ensures you monitor is secured and looks great at all times.  They also include built in speakers to allow you to not only show video but also project sound as well.  Sound coming from you booth will help you get that attention of people walking by.  Many kits also come with the wires needed to connect your system and some even have memory sticks that will make it easy to transfer media from your home or office computer into the digital banner.

A remote control is another useful tool that often comes with a digital banner stand.  A remote will allow you to change the image on your screen from anywhere in your booth.  It will also help you to work with the banner even if it is mounted out of your reach.  Finally, digital banner stand kits usually come with a sturdy case that will keep your system is great shape as you ship it to and from trade shows or other exhibit locations.