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Miami Dade Puts a New Face Forward

Friday, August 12th, 2016


Today we put the spotlight on a valued client with an impressive collection of work produced through us. Their investment in Curved Pop Ups, Counters, Throws and Retractable Banner Stands shows Miami Dade College’s trust in the consistent quality and excellence of our branding solutions. We would like to show you some of the displays that have come from our continued relationship, and maybe you can get some cool ideas to use at your next event.


Who is Miami Dade College?

As democracy’s college, Miami Dade College changes lives through accessible, high-quality teaching and learning experiences. The College embraces its responsibility to serve as an economic, cultural and civic leader for the advancement of our diverse global community.


Concept to Completion

Miami Dade’s new branding displays would debut at MDC Day. The event called for visually consistent designs with unique images and text to express the individuality of each department. For different academics, our graphic design team worked with MDC to produce art that focuses on the values that make each department great.


Preparing for MDC Day Event

This was a special event in Tallahassee for Miami Dade College to showcase their innovative education programs in the Florida House of Representatives. Program Directors from six MDC Schools had the opportunity to present their unique curriculum to State Representatives. The idea of the visual design was to highlight the students at work, using real photographs, not stock images. The result was an engaging display that could communicate the way MDC is transforming the student’s lives.


Matthew Wohl with the new set of 10ft Curved Pop Ups, EA300 with Case Wrap and Retractable Banner Stands.



Fresh off production, the new fleet of MDC 10ft Pop Ups and Retractable Banners designed for their different university departments.



Miami Dade with their presentation set up. They chose the popular 10ft Curved Pop Up Display with two deep navy Draped Table Throws.

 Emerge Americas 2016 Event

MDC wanted to have a more impressive presentation at this event, to highlight their capabilities in technology and innovation. The idea was to create an open space with plenty of live demonstration of various technologies students are working on. The display design featured and L shaped wall that would help brand their space, with attractive colors and futuristic design. In the middle, a truss structure branded with large headers helped secure the equipment for a live virtual reality demonstration. A custom reception counter doubling as workstation helped complete the setup.


Miami Dade (1)

 MDC expanded their marketing plans in 2016 which brought this amazing booth set up to life. Our popular collapsible pop up frame is seen here with an L-shape layout that spans the large booth space. Notice the excellent use of screens for dynamic messaging that prompts more visitor engagement as seen with the Interactive Kiosk setup to the right side of the Pop Up Display.

Miami Dade (2)

 To the left is a tightly fit 6ft Stretch Table Cover. Quattro Connector Counter with accompanying monitor. The booth center features a four sided Truss system with large apex Banners at the top.


“It looks great. You did a great job.”

Matthew Wohl | Chairperson of Entertainment School | Miami Dade College

Looking Ahead

The feedback from Emerge was so successful that MDC has already contracted an even larger space for 2017. ExhibitDEAL is currently working on an impressive new design to create a visually appealing display, while incorporating features for the booth to be functional and easy to assemble. Can’t wait to make it a reality!

We hope you enjoyed this inside look at how we support the volume of display needs for the MDC brand. From concept to order it has been a fulfilling collaboration.

The ExhibitDEAL team can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

How to Create a Winning Booth Design

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

We have written a new article with advice on creating a successful trade show booth design. Keep in mind some key points when designing your booth area, such as using the right flooring, buying a portable booth and more.

If you are exhibiting at an upcoming trade show, you need an amazing booth design that will enhance your presentation and help you to be more productive. The following suggestions are helpful tips to ensure that your space looks the best.

Create Interest With The Right Visuals

First, a good booth will grab the attention of all of the guests at the show. There are many different eye-catching options that will successfully attract the attention you are in need of, including the following:

  • Pop up displays
  • Banner stands
  • Hanging banners
  • Table covers
  • Digital signage

These details can be used to create interest and describe your brand or products. They can also be customized to match your branding, company colors, and overall display. When designing these features, avoid using dull colors or black and white backgrounds. Instead, create visuals that are brighter in color and more vivid. These colors are more eye-catching and interesting to potential customers.

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Products You Need for Your Trade Show Event

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Here is a teaser from our latest article from our Trade Advice section on

Are you exhibiting at an upcoming trade show? If so, then you need to an eye-catching booth to attract the attention of potential customers. In fact, a well-designed booth can increase your performance dramatically. Therefore, consider including these 7 products at your trade show booth.

Custom Displays

Custom Displays

Custom Displays First, a good booth looks unique and different from the rest of the exhibitors. To differentiate yourself, try using a custom display. This display can be personalized to your company with specific colors, images, and logos. Even better, you can work with a design team to determine the correct layout and backdrop for your area. This way, the display best fits the space you have at the venue. For example, if you are in the center, an island display may be preferred. However, if you are in between other booths, you will probably need an inline display.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands

Once you have designed your display, you can consider investing in additional visual enhancements. Banner stands are a great option to create appeal and interest in your booth. They are also very cost effective. Many companies actually use these stands to highlight promotions or new products.

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