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How To Protect Your Displays During Shipping

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013




After spending countless hours designing the perfect marketing strategy for your trade show booth—not to mention countless dollars on custom signage with compelling graphics—you will definitely want to do everything you can to protect your exhibit products when they are being shipped to each expo. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

1. Select the right shipping containers.

The biggest mistake that companies make when it comes to shipping exhibit materials for a tradeshow booth is to ship them in containers that are the wrong size. There are a variety of products on the market that are designed specifically for tradeshow products. For instance, our half-hard case built to perfectly fit 6 foot and 8 foot tabletop pop up displays and ready pop fabric displays. You won’t have to worry about the popping mechanism getting damage during transit, bouncing around in the back of a truck or as it is thrown into the cargo area of a plane. Similarly, digital displays will require special protections such as monitor cases and the like.

2. Choose durable materials.

Obviously, you aren’t going to ship your tradeshow displays in a cardboard box; plastic tends to be the material of choice. Shipping containers that are rotational molded, however, tend to be stronger than those that are injection molded. The rotational molding process also allows the containers to be designed with a more customized fit for the product and manufactured using the optimal thickness to protect the product. In other words: the shipping containers will fit your display materials like a glove!

3. Look for features that make it more convenient to transport.

Your exhibit displays will be less likely to get damaged if you also look for features that make it easier to move from one location to the next—from the truck to the dock, from the dock to the expo floor, etc. Such features include:

  • Wheels
  • Handles
  • Locks

You may think of locks as a security feature rather than a transportation feature, but locks also protect the case from accidentally being popped open in the event that the container is dropped during the loading and unloading process.

4. Hire a reliable shipping company.

Most likely, the products you will be shipping are heavy and oddly shaped, making it more cost efficient to select the services of a specialized shipping company rather than a general parcel service. Often, the venue will offer a list of preferred providers that they recommend you use. Don’t hire a company without first checking a few references to determine their reliability. Nothing will make your company look more unprofessional than being forced to use displays that are damaged or broken or, worse yet, haven’t arrived on time. You will also want to inquire about other services the vendors may or may not offer such as:

  • Less than truckload service
  • Inside pick-up and delivery
  • Flexible scheduling
  • On-site assistance
  • Unpacking and debris removal

If you follow this advice to pack and protect your tradeshow displays, you can be sure that your investment will arrive in tact, attract potential customers and pay off at many tradeshows to come.

Designing Your Trade Show Booth With The Client In Mind

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

You’re confident in your sales pitch, you’re certain your product and/or service is solid, and you’re excited to sell it to the world. You’ve worked very hard up to this point, and now it’s time to go the extra mile by introducing your business, product, and vision to the public at your very first trade show event. And while simply showing up has exposed your company and service to multitudes of potential clients, the ultimate objective is to present an exhibit space that not only represents your company and service but compels passersby to stop, think, and consider how your product can benefit them. Here are a few examples of effective trade show booth components that you can incorporate into your own presentation to make the right first impression, and gain clients in the process.


Trade Shows Come and Go but Pop-Up Displays are Forever

Depending on the size of the trade show you’re presenting at, and the number of events you’ll be attending throughout the year, you may find that an easy-to-assemble pop-up display works best. These highly portable and convenient exhibits come in various sizes, from tabletop units to full-size floor models, and may be mixed and matched to create a customized display area that’s right for you. Pop-up exhibits can be especially helpful if your assembly team is limited or you find yourself working under strict deadlines to vacate the show room after the event ends.

Fortify Your Exhibit Space with Portable Panel Systems

If ultimate customization is what you’re looking for in your trade booth exhibit, then you might prefer to go with a portable panel-style booth. Specially designed to create an engaging and interactive space for customers, portable panel displays can be configured with features like desktop peninsulas, banner stands, and vital wall space to showcase your products and services. The added workspace and shelving options that panel system booths allow for can also be suited for such elements as live demonstrations, interactive graphic modules, and retail counters.

Create the Right Backdrop for Your Booth’s Success with Softspace Displays

To create a truly multidimensional trade show booth, it’s important to use all of your allotted space effectively. Softspace display elements can complement your exhibit by providing depth to your display area. Softspace displays are also fully customizable to be as simple or multifaceted as you like. By incorporating components like graphic panels, light fixtures, and scenery walls to your booth, you encourage your visitors to linger a little longer as they look over everything you have to offer. Even the more subtle details offered in softspace displays go a long way in leaving a lasting impression on your intended audience.

Swag bags are fun and everyone enjoys snatching up a complimentary pen, pin, or cookie, but that’s not what keeps potential clients’ attention for very long. The thoughtful arrangement and intelligent presentation of your trade show booth can really make the difference between simply being seen or being intriguing and memorable. Along with arming your exhibit with charming attendants, easy-to-identify signage, and a product to be proud of, these display elements can help put you on the map of the showroom floor and keep you and your service on your customers’ minds long after the trade show ends.

Digital Banner Stand Kits

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Digital Banner Stand

Whether you are planning a trade show booth, product launch, or in store marketing campaign, including a digital banner as part of your campaign will draw people’s attention and give your brand a state of the art look.  Traditional signage is still an effective way to market a product, but digital technology will give you the flexibility to keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace.

Digital banner stands come in a number of sizes and can offer you several options for promoting your project.  You can choose a monitor that displays both images and video to give your marketing team an arsenal of multimedia tools.  With a digital banner stand you can display a loop of images set to music, video testimonials, product information videos and professional commercials.  A digital banner stand will keep people engaged many times longer than a traditional banner.

For most people, the best choice when buying a digital banner is to buy a kit.  Digital banner stand kits provide a company with everything they need to start advertising their products right away.  These kits usually include the stand, which ensures you monitor is secured and looks great at all times.  They also include built in speakers to allow you to not only show video but also project sound as well.  Sound coming from you booth will help you get that attention of people walking by.  Many kits also come with the wires needed to connect your system and some even have memory sticks that will make it easy to transfer media from your home or office computer into the digital banner.

A remote control is another useful tool that often comes with a digital banner stand.  A remote will allow you to change the image on your screen from anywhere in your booth.  It will also help you to work with the banner even if it is mounted out of your reach.  Finally, digital banner stand kits usually come with a sturdy case that will keep your system is great shape as you ship it to and from trade shows or other exhibit locations.