5 Tips for Effective Emotional Branding

December 5th, 2014


The importance of ‘emotional branding’ cannot be understated. While it may seem like a newer trend, the psychological foundation has been taught and practiced for decades.

Ask yourself who you would rather buy from – a friend or a random stranger? Right there you have experienced an emotional connection that adds gravity to a claim about a product. In the same way, the basis of a good emotional branding is about helping your audience visualize the importance and ways that a product influences their lives and relationships. Whether or not this is an actual property of that product is less important than the experiences and warm, fuzzy perception that product brings to mind in the consumer.

This week we feature an article by Jeannette de Beauvoir on 5 tips for effective emotional branding. Read more below..

In case you’re inclined to sneer at the self-help philosophy, consider that this stuff works. And sells. How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold over 30 million copies since its first printing in 1936.

happy-woman-sunset-lgWhat we’re now calling emotional branding isn’t new. Dale Carnegie developed famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.

And what is it that worked so well? Carnegie advised businesspeople to appeal to their customers’ emotions.

Yet, even with the explosion of inbound marketing, the typical salesperson is still armed with facts and figures and stock responses to questions and objections. Salespeople are generally well prepared to sell a product or service. But the truth is, products and services aren’t what you’re selling anymore. You’re selling a way to improve people’s lives; and to do that effectively you have to make them feel—not just think—that you’re the right answer to their problem.

Feeling is what emotional branding is about. And the feeling doesn’t even need to be directly connected to the brand. In this Coca-Cola commercial and this longer, even more heart-touching mobile telephone commercial, you see the product only at the very end of the video. The marketing makes a connection that isn’t actually there, with the hope that the emotional connection stays in the audience’s collective mind.

Manipulative? Sure it is. It’s also brilliant. Because it works.

So what do you need to do to launch an emotional branding campaign for your company or product? Here are five tips to get you started.

Tip No. 1: Shift your focus

Think about people, rather than consumers. Think about experience, rather than products. Think about dialogue, rather than information delivery.

Emotional branding works best when you’re approaching your audience as individual people who live and work and think and dream—and when you engage them with all of that in mind.

If you really know your customers, then this is easy. Studying who they are and what they want will help you with your emotional branding.

Tip No. 2: Create material so emotionally compelling that it’s eminently shareable

Sharing is the best advertising out there, because it’s both heartfelt and free. You couldn’t pay for the kind of sharing that happens when a video or meme goes viral. So examine what is working in the media you select—videos, ads, even memes—and tailor your message to that tone and approach.

Tip No. 3: Learn about the emotional hot buttons that get people to purchase

Veteran marketer Barry Feig has carved out 16 hot buttons in Hot Button Marketing: Push the Emotional Buttons That Get People to Buy: desire for control, I’m better than you, excitement of discovery, revaluing, family values, desire to belong, fun is its own reward, poverty of time, desire to get the best, self-achievement, sex/love/romance, nurturing response, reinventing oneself, make me smarter, power/dominance/influence, and wish fulfillment.

It’s a great list. But not everything on it will work for you. Think about your ideal customers (remember, we’re talking people here, not products), pick out three or four of those hot buttons that will appeal to those people, and focus your branding efforts around them.

Tip No. 4: Tell a story

It really is all about the story. Storytelling is how we have for centuries—even millennia—made emotional connections. Who didn’t cry at Bambi? Stories aren’t about facts. Everyone knows that the best stories are the ones that stay with us long after the book is closed or we’ve left the theater. The same goes for business storytelling: You want your customer to keep thinking of you, so make sure you use your story to make them feel what you want them to feel.

Tip No. 5: Leave them with a strong feeling, happy or sad

It’s not about what information about your brand you want to leave your audience with. It’s what feeling you want to leave them with.

As William McEwen in the Gallup Management Journal notes, “Emotional connections are not merely warm and fuzzy, nor are they simply interesting to contemplate and debate. They have powerful financial consequences, ranging from share-of-wallet to frequency and amount of repeat business. ‘Fully engaged’ retail customers spend more and return more frequently than those who are disengaged.”

You don’t have to make a direct link between your product and the feeling you want associated with it. You only have to link them in your prospects’ and customers’ minds. This is the best way for you to stand out from your competition: by going in a completely different direction, seizing a new demographic, and making people smile or cry.

It doesn’t really even matter which.

Do you have an upcoming event? ExhibitDEAL offers full service production, including free consultation and 2 hours of complimentary graphic design to get your booth presence started off right. Give us a call at 866-577-DEAL or Email today. Our team of exhibit experts are on hand to answer any questions you have and guide you to the best DEAL.

Top 10 Trade Show Perks to be Thankful for

November 25th, 2014

Thanksgiving is a time where everyone should take a moment to stop and appreciate the things they are most thankful for. In the case of trade show exhibiting you may encounter many unforeseen headaches that cause you to become quickly flustered and caught up in the small things.

Well this week we take a look at the top 10 trade show perks that can be a life saver!

10) Free Drayage – Moving your trade show display from storage to convention venue can be as easy as unrolling a banner stand or as involved as shipping a stack of crates. Not having to pay someone to handle this for you? Thank goodness!


9) Roadies/Grips Included – Not everyone has a helping hand lugging their exhibit cases around. Having some help on hand – thank you!


8) Better Flooring Options – Standing for hours in your tradeshow booth isn’t always the most thrilling. If your trade show design team ordered you plush comfort flooring to stand on, be sure to give thanks.


7) Direct to Show Shipping – This can be a last minute life saver to get your exhibit on the show floor in time. Why thank you!


6) Free Electricity – Hope you charged your batteries! With technology so prevalent at trade shows you can quickly drain your devices and electricity can be an expensive commodity. Getting plugged in for free, now that’s something that makes us thankful.


5) Exhibition Advertising – It can be enough of a challenge to generate pre-show interest with your existing contacts. What if the event venue didn’t do any advertising to get people in the door? Without booth visitors nobody has a trade show. Be thankful for all those attendees!


4) Free WiFi – With mobile devices and live demonstrations being so important, having internet on hand can make or break your booth’s sales strategy. Every so often a trade show venue includes internet access with your booth space. Now that’s something to be thankful for!


3) On-task Booth Staffers – Ever pick your prized booth staff only to catch them sitting idly or texting as visitors pass by your booth. If you’ve got a team that’s ready to get out there and generate some leads, be thankful!


2) Bigger Budgets – A dream on every marketer’s horizon, having a bigger trade show budget is sure to generate a big thank you!


1) Ready on Time – Finishing all the moving pieces of an exhibition in time can be a hectic or deal. Having your display designed and ready for the show 1 month before convention day – that’s worth being thankful for!


That’s our favorite perks to be thankful for when exhibiting. Let us know something you’ve been able to appreciate having at your company’s trade show. We look forward to helping all of you with your exhibition needs when the ExhibitDEAL team returns from the holiday, December 1st!

Exhibit Spotlight: Blue Jay Consulting

October 14th, 2014


This issue of Exhibit Spotlight focuses on the team at Blue Jay Consulting where we provide a ‘one-stop shop’ service to fulfill whatever they need.


Blue Jay Consulting seeks to help make an emergency department the best it can be. Sometimes this is a relatively straightforward task; other times facing a complex array of problems that require a multi-tiered, long-term set of solutions.

Blue Jay’s goal is to optimize the performance of every organization with which they work. Their team figures out how to maximize the capability of systems and personnel alike. Their techniques are proven, their consultants are respected and their clients benefit from quantifiable results.



The Mission
Blue Jay faced the challenge of creating a diverse array of marketing collateral for an upcoming award ceremony in a timely manner. They required freestanding portable banners that welcome guests into the event and communicate physicians being honored, as well as 20 foot backwalls that illustrate what the company does. In addition to marketing signage, the Blue Jay team needed custom engraved awards to dedicate to award winners.

Blue Jay chooses ExhibitDEAL for their event promotion needs because of our ability to meet strict deadlines without sacrificing quality. If something is ever damaged in transit or the finished product is not up to expectations, we order replacements before the ceremony. This track record for quality and expertise has earned ExhibitDEAL a reputation as a dependable go-to team for tradeshow displays, banners, branded giveaway items, and ceremony awards.


Proven Results
“ExhibitDEAL acts as our trusted consultants. John Cornell’s recommendations have helped us improve visibility in the market and grow the ACEP awards ceremony each year. Their quality production, recommendations and ability to meet deadlines is invaluable to our marketing.” – Misty Butcher | Blue Jay Consulting


There are so many styles and sizes of exhibit displays, it can be daunting to know which styles and sizes fit different needs. The Blue Jay team had a vision of the caliber of exhibition they needed to achieve. Always welcoming a challenge, we began to strategize and agreed that popular, easy to assemble Pop Up Displays will best provide the presence they require.

BlueJay-printing2 BlueJay-printing1
After the graphic designers approve the finished design, the production department begins outputting the graphic panels from our High Definition 1200 DPI printer that utilizes official H.P. inks to ensure vibrant colors that match up to the Pantone color spec.


BlueJay-banner-cut2 BlueJay-banner-cut
In addition to banners and popup displays, ExhibitDEAL helped produce engraved awards for the American College of Emergency Physicians winners; award pictured here on backwall graphics. Graphics are cut by our professional production team and inspected for quality to ensure no ripples or tears were created during the printing process.


The finished graphics are assembled onto the display just as it would be during exhibition to ensure that all graphic panels have been cut to perfectly align with one another for seamless branding.
Accompanying accessory hard case to counter kit with custom printed full wrap graphics to extend the Blue Jay branding for presentation needs.


BlueJay-Backwall2 BlueJay-Backwall3
ExhibitDEAL has had the pleasure of working with Misty Butcher of Blue Jay since 2011 to regularly refresh their high definition graphics branding. Whether an event required backwall displays for marketing, branded counters for presentations and demos, branded promotion giveaway items, or even custom engraved awards ExhibitDEAL was there to provide top quality production at the best deal.



Do you have an upcoming event? ExhibitDEAL offers full service production, including free consultation and 2 hours of complimentary graphic design to get your booth presence started off right. Give us a call at 866-577-DEAL or Email today. Our team of exhibit experts are on hand to answer any questions you have and guide you to the best DEAL.