ExhibitDEAL Showroom Grand Opening Event

April 15th, 2016



We want to extend a big thank you from all of us at ExhibitDEAL to everyone who attended our Grand Opening event. We hope all of you who could make it to the unveiling of our new showroom enjoyed yourselves. Hopefully it was an energetic and enlightening experience full of meeting new people. Attendees were able to network with other business owners, learn trade show success tips from industry veteran Rick Goldman and experience our production process first hand like never before.

And what trade show event is complete without take home swag? In addition to exquisite food and drink, visitors were offered an always useful handbag and carved wooden puzzle to master.

Did you sign up for the raffle to win a FREE 10ft display? We ended the night’s festivities by unveiling the winner of the grand prize, Juan Ceballos from Icon Network! Juan will have his choice of our most popular tension fabric display systems: the 10ft TuboZip or Tenso pop-up backwall valued at $1000!


Maria Daza announces Juan Ceballos as the free 10ft display prize winner

Our clients often ask our sales team about the printers and techniques we use to achieve such high resolution reproductions of their art on a large scale. Without our production process we’ve perfected over more than a decade, there could be no ExhibitDEAL. It is no wonder why we are so passionate about what we do. From our traditional 1200 DPI authentic Hewlett Packard inkjet printers, two new fabric transfer printers or our in-house product testing and assembly, every step of the process is designed to give you the best looking and highest quality product possible.

One of the most eye-catching attractions we had running during the event was our wide format dye-sublimation heat press. We very much enjoyed sharing the science and finesse required to transfer art from the printed paper to our high quality washable fabric.


Maria Daza shows off our dual dye-sublimation transfer printers that allow us to keep up with the high volume of fabric projects

Our two new transfer printers and their heat press used to finish the paper prints onto fabric have become the crown jewel of our in-house production. Producing all manner of fabric trade show displays big and small now accounts for the majority of our customer orders. Since opening our fabric display department, our production team has tripled in size and we are showing no signs of slowing down!


Andres Leyva and Devon Start teach customers about the dye-sub heat press technique where keeping tension is crucial

Pushing the envelope to achieve the latest printing techniques and product designs is very important to our mission. Our new facility houses one of the only heat press fabric transfer machines of this size in all of Southwest Florida.  Investing in a dye-sublimation heat press that can accommodate prints more than 104″ wide encourages our client’s imagination to run wild with custom booth layouts like never before.


Devon Start tells how printed art is heated till it becomes a gas and sublimates onto fabric where it dries again

The sublimated end result appears before your eyes as muted, pale colored prints roll through the felt drum barrel at 400° and appear out the other side as fully dried, now vibrantly colored finished prints. Our production team is always excited by the response shown toward seeing the process in live action.

The showroom opening really shined as an informal opportunity for our customers, both newcomer and veteran to get hands-on with our trade show displays and accessory options. The entire ExhibitDEAL sales team engaged in answering questions with personalized tours of our facility. The new showroom offers diverse examples of classic 10ft and 20ft popup photomural and fabric backwalls as well as more custom solutions like an L-curve corner wall, Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) Lightbox or even a Star-shape 3-sided freestanding island booth for a 20 x 20 space.


Juan Santos discusses the pros and cons of two display models

An experienced trade show exhibitor knows that getting noticed by attendees or not makes all the difference. A successful conference is about being able to show you generated a stack of qualified contacts, versus just another marketing expenditure so your team can say “yeah, we were there.” When your company is represented in their booth on exhibition day, they need unique tools that help them not only stand out, but be remembered.


Andres Leyva points out the newly launched Boomerang SOLO Glow Counter, a backlit accessory for when getting more expressive matters

For many exhibitors, an all purpose banner wall or curved pop-up is a good fit that represents your brand professionally across a variety of industry conferences. But when the budget and setting allow for something a little more creative, our gallery includes many brilliant choices to help you turn eye contact into a firm handshake. We know that the more your brand gets noticed and remembered, the more likely they are to reach out to you to do business after the show.


John Cornell, Director of Sales at ExhibitDEAL shows the advantages of popular retractable banner stands


John Cornell shows off the removable, reusable graphic adhesive, PhotoTex

Having an eye-catching, professional display with a good message is only half the battle however. Ultimately it is up to your booth staff to capitalize on the attention you get from that cool setup. Unless you have been to a few trade shows, many people find themselves floundering to introduce themselves without much of a game plan. So to help give everyone some clever tips to help them exhibit like a pro, we brought in someone who knows a thing or two.

Once everyone had a chance to eat, drink and get to know each other we gathered around to learn trade show strategy from one of the best.  Rick Goldman, owner of Ad Excellence and experienced industry expert was the guest speaker who shared his insights that have made his advertising agency a success for over 20 years.


Rick Goldman, keynote speaker at the ExhibitDEAL showroom opening

During his presentation, Goldman notably pointed out how to capture your attendee’s attention while generating a bit of jealousy in your competitors. Other booths at the show will see how many people are carrying your brand collateral and gifts versus another. This creates an idea in your competitor’s mind that these booth visitors have already been “claimed” or sold by your brand and there is no point in them spending time to get their attention.

Another comment we often hear is that it is difficult to get noticed. There are so many types of displays in varying sizes. It is easy to be overshadowed by the company next to you, especially if it is a large enterprise level brand with a huge budget for marketing. For the “mom and pop” shop and other small businesses it is easy to feel lost in the crowd. As Goldman discusses, finding opportunities to make your marketing clever and unique are crucial to having a successful trade show presence.


Rick Goldman discusses his tips for trade show success with guests

When visitors at the event were asked what their biggest trade show challenges are they often said “timeline!” Managing the timeline up until the show can be very hectic. Making sure brand materials are ordered, flights are booked and lodging arrangements are all made can be overwhelming. From the agency side, a customer often comes with a concept and art far too close to their exhibition date. This makes every step in the preparation chain more rushed, even forcing a representative to pick up their display on their way to a trade show.

Being noticed at an event, however is not worth much if your booth team is not skilled in sales and networking techniques so they may capitalize on your investment. Being personable and looking for the right opportunities to connect with a trade show attendee so they remember your brand can make all the difference. Make sure they leave with a positive and memorable impression of your brand. When possible, the ever popular trade show giveaway item or “swag” can be that extra reminder you need when months down the line that visitor has a need and is more likely to think of your company to fulfill that need.


Rick Goldman speaks about how following up with contacts in an informed and timely manner is crucial after trade shows

We hope you enjoyed this inside look at our full service exhibit production and our showroom assortment of fantastic finished display styles. It was a rare occasion to be able to welcome so many guests to learn about a process we are so passionate about. If you missed the event, check out more images of the fun and we hope to see you next time!

A special thank you to all our sponsors and vendors that helped make the night such a success. We couldn’t have done it without local musicians, Night Court and delicious hors d’euvres by Chef Fab Culinary. Complimentary vodka tasting kept the cheer going, courtesy of Lucky Player.

Have questions about how to get started with planning your next trade show event? Backwall displays, accessories, custom projects and branded giveaway items – whatever your needs ExhibitDEAL has you covered for all your promotional needs. Get in touch with our exhibit experts at Sales@exhibitdeal.com or 866-577-DEAL.

The Unique Combination of In-House Production and Product Sourcing

February 25th, 2016

How can we offer you the BEST DEAL?

In today’s world, companies constantly strive to set themselves apart from the crowd with a unique differentiator.    There are many ways a brand can gain a point of advantage over its competitors – sometimes it’s a product or a service, sometimes it’s a killer advertising strategy and sometimes it’s pure luck. In our case, we built our edge by focusing on offering our customers the BEST DEAL.  This means a great product that fits your requirements at the best price.

So how are we able to find this perfect fit?  Well, we had to learn the art of being both manufacturers and brand-product resellers.  We had to be able to offer a vast selection of tradeshow displays and accessories suitable for every need, from outdoor gatherings, to conventions, to in-store events.  But we also had to be able to control production and costs.

If you wonder why being a manufacturer and a reseller is so crucial, here are a few reasons to help understand the revolutionary nature of our business.

The Joys of Manufacturing.

As a manufacturer we have total control over the quality of our materials. Our production staff spends months looking for the best of every kind – from the right fabric, to ensure vibrant colors and long lasting prints, to the correct specs on the laminate, that will be flexible yet sturdy enough to produce the right curvatures.  This attention to detail translates into a diligent management of costs, so that we can deliver to you the best price in the industry.

Because production happens right under our roof, at ExhibitDEAL we have made our priority to make sure our customers are always up to date with the production process. Communication is the key to success, because no one knows your products better than you, this is why we involve you in every step to make sure the final result is what you were looking for. Our highly professional staff is always ready to answer any question or concern you might have and our showroom is open to all clients and prospects who wish to see our products and capabilities for themselves.


The Joys of Reselling.

As mentioned before, ExhibitDEAL is not just a manufacturer, but also a reseller. We understand the limitations imposed by a restricted production department and decided to make up for it by carrying some of the best brands in the trade show industry. In fact, anything that can’t be produced at our facility we get from our selected and trustworthy group of vendors, with whom we have been doing business for over fifteen years. Our secret is a long lasting and close business relationship with each of our vendors to ensure the quality of the products is never lost.  As manufacturers we understand what is needed for a product to be successful, and so we work hand-in-hand with our vendor partners to ensure total quality and fast production times.

Thanks to the vast inventory of displays and accessories available to us, we can hand pick the best products while maintaining a large and diversified portfolio. This way our customers are sure to always find the best solution to their trade show needs.

These are only few of the aspects that make ExhibitDEAL a standout company.  If you wish to learn more we suggest you check out our website, or, even better, schedule an appointment for a private tour of our new showroom and open your company to the world of great trade shows.

Use it or lose it – Five smart ways to invest your end-of-year marketing budget

December 17th, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, when the fun of the holidays meets the end-of-year rush.  And this finds many marketing professionals wondering how to spend every penny of their marketing budget, or fear losing it for the next term.  So what will be an intelligent investment, that will help set you up for success in 2016?  Don’t waste your dollars on the traditional imprinted gifts or stocking up on paper. Here are four marketing investments that will help you maximize the impact on your sales pipeline.

Refresh your Branding

It may be the perfect time to invest in your look and feel.  You can use your extra dollars to pay a good graphic designer to freshen up one of your logos or provide a touch-up to your website.  Or perhaps you can create more professional templates for your emails or newsletters.  According to the Direct Marketing Association, about 85% of prospective customers go to your website to learn about your company before a buying decision is made.  So make sure to look at your best to begin the New Year with a bang.

Lock in Low Prices

The end of the year also means many vendors are aching to reach their sales targets, so they will provide very attractive savings in order to win your business.  For example, if your next year marketing strategies include meetings, events or trade shows, you should look for great deals on such popular portable display staples as pop-up displays.  These can be easily integrated into your marketing initiatives, even if you are not sure exactly what your plans are for the upcoming year.  You can even just purchase the items and have them printed later in the year, so you can take advantage of great prices.

Motivate your Sales Team

Sales road warriors are always in need of great visual marketing materials to make a lasting impression during their meetings.  Surprise them with new retractable banner stands – these are inexpensive, pack compactly and you can update graphics easily.  They can provide a great boost to help your sales team reach their targets.  Plus, they will have a lasting impact on your future lead generation results.

Get Social

If you have not yet started working on your social media strategy, it’s a good time to start.  The centerpiece of your strategy should be your blog, and its also one of the simplest ways to start. A good structured blog helps generate new sales leads, informs prospective customers beyond product descriptions, and more importantly contributes significantly to search traffic.  So go ahead and splurge on a customized template and hire a professional writer to get some intelligent industry related content that will make your presentation more relevant with your audience.

Test the Waters

Wondering if lower prices may help you convert more leads?  Or perhaps you need to communicate your services differently?  You can invest your left-over budget in marketing testing, which nowadays can be done without fancy research consultants and a high price tag.  Online advertising, AKA Google Adwords, is a great way to do targeted promotions to specific audiences, with a pre-defined limited budget.  You can do test campaigns to figure out the answers to your product, price and promotional questions.

The key take away here is that wise marketing investments at the end of the year can provide a boost in sales and  anticipate your marketing programs for the next year, setting you up for a great start in 2016.