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3 Tips For Choosing Trade Show Flooring

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


When it comes to designing a booth for a trade show that will stand out from the competitors, every last detail counts.  Many companies spend thousands of dollars on custom banners, digital signs and other exhibit products, yet they don’t give a second thought to the flooring and simply rent whatever is available at the venue. The floor should be given as much consideration as the displays in your booth. Essentially, you should think of it as yet another “wall” where you can showcase your products and brand your company. Here are a few tips to help you choose booth flooring that will help you create a buzz at your next trade show and attract more potential customers to your booth.

Scope Out The Competition

Chances are this isn’t your first trade show. You are probably already familiar with the booths of your closest competitors; think carefully about what their booth looks like. You don’t want to choose flooring that is an imitation of theirs, but rather a new innovation. For instance, if you sell home improvement products, time share condos, coffee table books or something else related to home and hearth you may want to consider designing your booth to look like a living room rather than a corporate sales floor. There are a variety of flooring products that can help you do just this, including:

This is the first step to making your booth more warm and welcoming. From there you will want to design signage for your products with compelling graphics and maybe even accessorize the booth with something unexpected such as a couple of comfortable chairs, a side table and lamps. After spending many long hours on their feet, potential customers will enjoy sitting down to discuss your product offering.

Brand Your Company

Of course not every type of product will lend itself to a homey vibe. Sometimes you need straight up commercialism to brand your company. Every successful company has one thing in common: an appealing brand that is easily identifiable. At a tradeshow, the face of your company can start on the floor. Products that work well for this purpose include:

  • Dry-sublimated carpeting
  • GrafX custom flooring

You can transfer a high resolution image of your company’s logo directly to either of these products. There will be no mistaking whose booth customers are nearing when you take advantage of the floor space on the expo floor with these products.

Project A Professional Appearance

Choosing a high-quality, flooring that perfectly fits the dimensions of your booth will go a long way to projecting the professional appearance that is essential to gain new customers at a tradeshow. There are other things to consider when choosing flooring products as well, however. For instance, the material should be easy to clean. Dry-sublimated carpeting is one of the few customizable products on the market that can be steam cleaned. Hardwood and vinyl flooring is also easy to maintain and usually requires nothing more than mop and a mild cleanser to keep it looking shiny and new. With countless visitors stepping onto the floor each day, the flooring also needs to be strong so that it doesn’t show wear and tear after just a few uses. Finally, choosing a product that has anti-fatigue properties will ensure that the representatives of your company also maintain professional appearance, even after a long day.

Materials To Customize Your Tradeshow Booth

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Tradeshows can be an excellent way to drum up business for your company, no matter what industry you are in. A good showing at an annual tradeshow can increase your company’s income and get your name recognized by a larger customer base. What’s more, a great tradeshow display can mean the difference between getting the recognition you deserve and getting unfairly passed by. Here are some of our great options to help you customize a tradeshow booth on any kind of budget.

Tradeshow flooring options


If you are planning on having a large booth that your visitors can walk through, then one of our special flooring options is a good way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Our custom floorings come in laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet options, and are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit any needs. If you own a home furnishings company, for example, our Rollable Flex-Floor in natural wood or natural stone styles can give your portable showroom a homey touch. If you want a more durable look, then try our Flexible Designer Vinyl Flooring, perfect for auto and machine tradeshows, or for anyone who is worried about wear and tear. For a softer, welcoming look, we have a number of Tradeshow Carpet options available in a selection of tasteful colors.

Tradeshow panel display options


Panel displays are portable walls that can be used to fence in your tradeshow booth and give visitors the impression that they are stepping off the main floor into a store or showroom. This can give your booth a professional touch, and serve to make it look more legitimate in comparison to freestanding tables that surround it. Our panel displays come in ten foot and twenty foot sizes, and we offer a number of different options to help you customize your display space to fit your needs. Choose shelves, sidebars, or plain panel walls. All of our panel displays are made from high quality vinyl, making them a breeze to clean and easy to hang posters and other displays on. Finally, we offer high quality custom designs printed on your panels. Choose colors, or have your company logo printed directly on your display.

Tradeshow furniture options


Deciding what furniture is essential to your booth can be one of the hardest parts of setting up for a tradeshow. If you have too little then you won’t have enough room to work, and if you have too much then your booth becomes crowded and unwelcoming. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of shelving and furniture options so you can customize your booth to perfectly suit your needs. Our SOLO Demo Stations provide counter space for demonstrations, conducting transactions, or holding literature on your products and services. They come with several different options for shelf space and signage, but all are compact, portable, and professional looking. For an extra charge, our graphics artists can print your company’s logo or any other custom design right on the demo station.

Attracting positive attention for your product or service is what tradeshows are all about, and we offer the tools you need to do just that. Our products will give you a high quality look and a professional edge that can make you the talk of the tradeshow and the selling season that follows.

Create a Strong Base for Your Trade Show Booth With Convention Carpet

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

If you are new to business or just new to convention or trade shows, you may not be familiar with every detail of convention booth design. While the details and booth offerings vary by convention host, generally the booth space you reserve includes a simple pipe and drape wall and maybe a folding table and one or two chairs. The drab generic look of the average convention booth makes it imperative that you plan to bring decorative and informative elements with you. Most people remember to order product and banners or other signs to advertise but one of the most commonly over looked elements of a trade show booth design is the flooring.

Most convention floors and concrete and many of them are scratched and show other scars from years of trade shows and other events. In addition to being not the most attractive way to showcase you products, you or your booth staff will be on their feet for hours every day talking with clients. Standing on concrete is very uncomfortable and can cause foot pain over time. One great way to remedy this common problem is to invest in a 10X10 convention carpet for you booth. The average booth size at a convention is ten feet by ten feet making this investment the perfect way to cover an unsightly convention floor with in your space and also provide your booth with an inviting base to build your booth design around.

There are many different colors and textures to choose from in the convention flooring market. From traditional rich colors like green and burgundy, perfect for products geared toward a male market, to soft neutrals that will give your booth an inviting and luxurious feel.

Most ten by ten carpets come in a number of pieces that can be rolled out and taken up easily for use at the next location.