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Trade shows are an incredible opportunity to inform one of the most concentrated and targeted markets about your company. Through face-to-face interaction, product demos, giveaways and more, you can show how your company outshines the competition.

But trade shows should not be the only marketing tool used to generate buzz and brand loyalty for your company and its products. Rob Engelman offers an effective guide to marketing in his article, “10 Tips for Creating a Marketing Plan.”

Whether your existing plan seems stale and stagnated or you’re just embarking on your first marketing journey, you’ll find this article informative.

10 Tips for Creating a Marketing Plan

by Rob Engelman

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur or an independent contractor, you should have a marketing or business plan to use as a guidepost/compass to lead your business’ day-to-day activities.

Your plan does not have to be elaborate, nor does it have to be set in stone forever. However, it should specifically define key information including your target market and value proposition, as well as tactical ideas and action steps you will take in order to acquire customers and/or increase sales.

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