Keep the Prospect in Your Trade Show Booth

Once you get traffic flowing to your trade show display, beyond the product display and basic information about the product and your company, how do you keep the prospect’s interest?

Clearly your potential client has some level of interest in your product or service or they would not have stopped at your booth. But the cut-throat competition that exists at trade shows requires you to be at the top of your game so you can demonstrate what separates you from the competition. The doorway to closing the sale is building rapport – and at a trade show you don’t have a lot of time to do that.

And while you aren’t necessarily expecting to close the sale with every prospect at a trade show, Zig Ziglar says there’s one simple way you can more efficiently move toward the close. Before beginning your presentation, you establish an agreement with the prospect that at the end of the presentation you expect them to either:

  • agree that the product is in their best interest so the two of you can discuss the purchase options available OR,
  • indicate the product is not in their best interest and the two of you will discuss options from there.

But first, you’ve got to make it to the close of the sale. In his article, “How to Build Trust and Rapport Quickly,” sales trainer John Boe reviews tips and strategies to consider once the prospect is standing before you.

How to Build Trust and Rapport Quickly

By: John Boe

If you’re working hard, but aren’t consistently generating enough sales and getting referrals, chances are it’s a matter of trust. One of the most critically important and yet frequently overlooked aspects of selling is creating a solid foundation of trust and rapport.

Suppose you could incorporate a few simple, yet highly effective ideas into your selling process and substantially increase your bottom line?

Successful salespeople have a knack for making people feel important. They understand the value of building trust and rapport early on in the selling process. For you see, it really doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are about your product line or how many closing techniques you have mastered, unless you earn your prospect’s trust and confidence you are not going to make the sale period.

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