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Materials To Customize Your Tradeshow Booth

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Tradeshows can be an excellent way to drum up business for your company, no matter what industry you are in. A good showing at an annual tradeshow can increase your company’s income and get your name recognized by a larger customer base. What’s more, a great tradeshow display can mean the difference between getting the recognition you deserve and getting unfairly passed by. Here are some of our great options to help you customize a tradeshow booth on any kind of budget.

Tradeshow flooring options


If you are planning on having a large booth that your visitors can walk through, then one of our special flooring options is a good way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Our custom floorings come in laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet options, and are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit any needs. If you own a home furnishings company, for example, our Rollable Flex-Floor in natural wood or natural stone styles can give your portable showroom a homey touch. If you want a more durable look, then try our Flexible Designer Vinyl Flooring, perfect for auto and machine tradeshows, or for anyone who is worried about wear and tear. For a softer, welcoming look, we have a number of Tradeshow Carpet options available in a selection of tasteful colors.

Tradeshow panel display options


Panel displays are portable walls that can be used to fence in your tradeshow booth and give visitors the impression that they are stepping off the main floor into a store or showroom. This can give your booth a professional touch, and serve to make it look more legitimate in comparison to freestanding tables that surround it. Our panel displays come in ten foot and twenty foot sizes, and we offer a number of different options to help you customize your display space to fit your needs. Choose shelves, sidebars, or plain panel walls. All of our panel displays are made from high quality vinyl, making them a breeze to clean and easy to hang posters and other displays on. Finally, we offer high quality custom designs printed on your panels. Choose colors, or have your company logo printed directly on your display.

Tradeshow furniture options


Deciding what furniture is essential to your booth can be one of the hardest parts of setting up for a tradeshow. If you have too little then you won’t have enough room to work, and if you have too much then your booth becomes crowded and unwelcoming. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of shelving and furniture options so you can customize your booth to perfectly suit your needs. Our SOLO Demo Stations provide counter space for demonstrations, conducting transactions, or holding literature on your products and services. They come with several different options for shelf space and signage, but all are compact, portable, and professional looking. For an extra charge, our graphics artists can print your company’s logo or any other custom design right on the demo station.

Attracting positive attention for your product or service is what tradeshows are all about, and we offer the tools you need to do just that. Our products will give you a high quality look and a professional edge that can make you the talk of the tradeshow and the selling season that follows.

Bringing Digital Technology To Your Exhibit Space

Friday, November 30th, 2012

LCDScreenEvery industry has its trends and the exhibition industry is no different. If you regularly represent your business at trade shows and similar industry events, then you’ve noticed a lot of trends come and go. The money you invest in your display materials has to be wisely spent and you’re rightly hesitant about purchasing new items just because they’re hot one minute. Digital signage is one display component that is here to stay. These easy to use high-tech items can enhance your sales space and command the attention of people attending any industry event

The Advantage of Technology

Some exhibitors are concerned that electronic display elements will be difficult to use, heavy to transport, and unpredictable. We can assure you that our digital signs are none of these things. They’re easy to program, a breeze to transport, and will operate reliably as long as you need them to.

We’ve chosen to offer state of the art high-definition LCD screens that can be easily mounted on a stand or other display of sufficient size. LCD screens are known for their exceptional color and high performance. All laptop computers, hand held digital devices, and tablet computers use LCD screens. An LCD screen can use much less power than old fashioned CRT screens and are compact and lightweight; the 32” screen we offer weighs only twenty pounds! All told, LCD screens are the preferred display method the world over.

Integrating Digital Signs into Your Display Space

The advantages of LCD technology are clear, though what can it bring to your company? How will a digital sign help you promote your products?

High-definition LCD screens are ideal for displaying detailed images. If your company sells products that have detailed elements, this is a good way to highlight those. Video or still images of small scale function allow customers to view the product without requiring you to bring a full demonstration model. Informational video, product specs, and other helpful facts can be displayed on the sign, leaving team members free to share more specific information with interested clients.

Because LCD screens are so lightweight, it’s possible to place them in creative ways. A floor stand is one easy way to display a digital sign; it can be moved around and positioned exactly where you want it. Table stands are also available and help draw attention to the other materials you have on display.  Even better, by strategically placing shelves near the backdrop of your space it’s possible to create a dynamic visual “canvas” that draws attention to central elements.  With a little creative thinking you can do a lot with these convenient screens.

What You’ll Need

LCD screens are powered by a standard electrical supply so they can be plugged into any handy wall outlet; you may want extra extension cords.  You’ll also need a secure stand.  We can supply you with reasonably priced floor stands that are stable and ready for use in minutes.  Our two floor stand products securely mount a 32” inch screen; built-in speakers, remote control, and 2 GB SD card reader are included with our premium model.

The investment you make in digital sign equipment is going to be a wise one.  The technology behind these items has proven its usefulness and market longevity so there’s no need to be concerned about obsolescence any time soon.  Digital signs will bring a brand new dimension to all your displays.

Go Hi Tech with DIGITAL Banner Stands for Your Next Display

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Some displays can be a bit ho-hum. After awhile its like we’ve all seen it before. In today’s digital age, a great way to get attention is to add technology to your displays. Customers enjoy the hi-def graphics and images they can produce. There are a few reasons a company should consider adding DIGITAL Banner Stands to their next display.DIGITALBannerStand

Show you are up-to-date and on the cutting edge. No matter what industry you are in, its important for your display to represent your company, products and services in the best way. Every company today wants to show they are adept with technology, with a website, social media and using the latest technology. Adding a hi-def banner stand is another way to remind your customers that your company is tech-friendly, and best of all this will work for any industry.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We are a visual society and most of us pay more attention to the images we see related to advertising and promotion than we truly realize. With hi-def, that image/photo is shown to the best of its ability. You can even show a variety of images to entertain and keep your audience captivated with a fun presentation at your display booth.

“Just right” size matters when it comes to displays. The DIGITAL Banner Stand comes in a size you’ll love to set up. At 74” inches tall and 36” inches wide, it only weighs about 100lbs. A hi tech heavyweight that is a logistical lightweight you can easily set up just about anywhere you go. It makes that first day at your booth so much easier, especially if you have to “nudge” the stand into a different location. Its something one able bodied person – or two – can do with confidence, even if they are dressed in business suits and conference badges!

Its budget friendly & adaptable. This is one of the top reasons to choose this technology. Not only can you use this banner stand for this upcoming trade show, but you can create new presentations for trade shows for the coming years! This is not a single solution product, you can keep adapting it to your needs. The stand is large enough to get attention at about 6 1/12 feet tall and 3 feet wide, but also small enough you can consider it for smaller events, not only larger trade shows. Just another reason to go hi tech for your next trade show!