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Tips for Improving Your Trade Show Meeting ROI

Friday, July 15th, 2016


When attending a trade show, one of the most important goals of your exhibit booth team should be scheduling and meeting with companies you would like to work with. Your company is there first and foremost to represent your brand and create awareness about what you do, as well as your latest products.

The best ways to capitalize on all the effort of planning and attending a trade show for your company is to engage in pre-show marketing and outreach from your sales team to schedule valuable meetings with their accounts or leads.

This week we feature the insights of Anne Thornley-Brown at who shares many valuable thoughts on how to prioritize and follow up on your meetings in order to properly benefit from the efforts leading up to them.
Check out these excellent tips to improving your after trade show return on investment. Let’s have a look!

Your meeting/conference is over. Attendees have returned to their homes and offices. What happens next will have a direct impact on how participants perceive the value of your event.

It’s important that they retain the valuable tips, information and strategies you offered. It’s even more important that they be able to apply what they learned.

Follow-up is one of the most important aspects of event design, but it’s also the most neglected areas of corporate event planning. Here are 11 steps you can take to achieve measurable ROI.
Before your meeting adjourns

Rule of three.Give participants time to identify three specific tips, insights or strategies they learned and pinpoint how they will use them when returning to work. It’s in the mail. Ask participants to write this information down, put it in an unsealed envelope and address it.

Do this after the last break. if you leave it until the end of your meeting, you’ll miss anyone who slipped out early.
Take note. Go through the envelopes and make note of participants’ comments. Use this information when communicating the event’s value the next year.

After your meeting

Go video.Consider posting clips with highlights from keynotes and breakout sessions on YouTube. In the real world. Include specific tips for applying the meeting content in the real world. Videos are underused but have a huge impact.

Be specific.A week after the meeting, send participants a summary of highlights from both general and breakout sessions. Be sure to include specific suggestions on how the tips, strategies and other content can be used on the job.

Seek feedback.Include the video clips and a survey, so participants can offer feedback about the meeting.
Again, be specific. Offer tangible giveaways to guarantee high participation.

You’ve got mail. Two to three weeks later, mail the envelopes with the follow-up plans to remind participants what they learned and how they planned to apply it.

Track success. Six weeks later, invite participants to share how they’re successfully applying what they learned and the benefits of using the strategies they learned. Share the stories. Publish the success stories in your company or association blog or magazine.

These simple steps will significantly boost the perceived value of your events, conferences and business meetings. And next year, you’ll be glad you have the information.

What do you think? Is planning for trade show meetings both before and afterwards as important as Anne Thornley-Brown affirms?

We love talking about the best exhibit booth designs and accessories that will help you network and generate leads better. From Tables that charge your visitor’s mobile devices to to iPad-ready presentation podiums that put lead tracking right at your fingertips, we have the options to empower your success.

ExhibitDEAL can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

10 Ideas for Off-Floor Marketing to Increase your Exhibit Effectiveness

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

There is no shortage of knowledge, news and great ideas over at Exhibitor Online. We’ve searched through the latest and greatest in an effort to bring you some of the most interesting and radical trade show marketing techniques out there.

We absolutely love the bold, unconventional and even disturbing ways these brands have literally taken their creativity to the streets. From leveraging the nostalgia of popular culture, to outright alarming pseudo protests. These off-floor campaigns use their unorthodox methods to get heads turning and bring more attention to what their company is doing. So let’s check them out!

Ten examples of off-floor activations that increased exhibiting effectiveness. By Linda Armstrong.

Exhibiting companies have a tendency to trot out every bell and whistle imaginable and attempt to “out-clang” one another on the show floor to win attendee mindshare. However, far too often they overlook the opportunities outside their swath of booth space. After all, promotional potential abounds far beyond the confines of an exhibit.
By extending your efforts into the registration area, the transportation hubs leading to the venue, and even the streets of the host city, you have myriad new opportunities to grasp – allowing you to squeeze even more awareness, sales leads, and return on investment from your spend.

Granted, some shows forbid off-floor activations, and others roll them into paid sponsorships. You’ll need to check the show, venue, and perhaps even host-city regulations if you want to play by the rules. Nevertheless, it’s likely well worth your time to at least consider integrating an off-floor experience into your marketing mix.

Here, then, are several noteworthy examples that helped exhibiting companies increase awareness, distribute product samples, and even foster leads.

Totally Tanked
The sight of an M4 Sherman tank crushing a taxicab will stop just about anyone in their tracks, which is why Wargaming Group Ltd. set up just such a scene in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). To promote its World of Tanks online game, Wargaming positioned a real Sherman tank atop a bright-yellow Los Angeles cab, whose right side and roof had been crushed by the 30-ton vehicle. The M4 Sherman had actually “precrushed” the cab at a local junkyard in order to meet Los Angeles Fire Department safety codes. But once the cab was delivered to the convention center and the tank was driven atop it by the tank owner and a Wargaming employee, it remained parked – and guarded – in the same locale for the duration of the show. During show hours, staffers invited guests to pose for a photo, courtesy of Wargaming’s photographers. Staff then uploaded and sent the photos to participants to post on social media. Nearby banners directed attendees to the firm’s booth. While permission to host the event was purchased from show management for $50,000, Wargaming felt it was worth the cost. For in addition to generating a flurry of photos and social-media posts, it scored tens of thousands of social-media impressions. You might even say that they crushed it.

Friends With Benefits
Few TV sitcoms achieve more popularity than “Friends,” which aired for almost 10 years, received nominations for 62 Primetime Emmy Awards, and ranked No. 21 on TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Show of All Time. This unbelievable popularity is exactly why Bally Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of slot machines and electronic gaming systems, launched its “Friends”-themed progressive video slot machine. To generate attention for the product at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, then, Bally Technologies teamed up with exhibit house Derse Inc. to create a “Friends”-themed photo opportunity in the lobby of the Sands Expo, where G2E was held. The roughly 200-square-foot space, which was secured via sponsorship, recreated the lounge from the TV show’s Central Perk cafe. Here, a sofa, coffee table, and throw rug sat in front of a graphic backdrop featuring an image of the cafe’s interior and the Bally Technologies logo. Old analog TVs stacked eight high on both sides of the graphic panel harkened back to the early ’90s when the show first aired. Two actors portraying the roles of Phoebe and Chandler from the TV show staffed the exhibit (a $30,000 investment that covered the design, construction, materials, and installation). During show hours, a professional photographer was on hand to snap attendees’ photos as they posed on the set. Within 24 hours of being taken, the professional photos were posted at a website ( for attendees to share. In addition, the set remained in place after the show closed each day, so attendees could snap a photo any time the venue was open. And by sharing the photos via social media and using the hashtag #BallyFriends, they were entered to win official “Friends” swag courtesy of Bally Technology.

Pets on Parade
IDEXX Laboratories Inc. developed a street-based promotion that was head and shoulders above all others. Going into the 2015 North American Veterinary Community Conference, IDEXX was launching a revolutionary kidney-function test for cats and dogs. Working with Chicago creative agency Live Marketing Inc., IDEXX had planned a high-visibility launch event on the show’s second day, and as such, it needed to draw hoards of attendees to the booth space for the new-product reveal. To do so, the team created a couldn’t-miss street team comprising four greeters in red, IDEXX-branded attire, and two stilt walkers, one wearing a Dalmatian costume, and the other dressed in a poodle suit. Starting the day before the show opened, the group roamed the public areas, restaurants, and hotels around the two Orlando, FL, convention centers where the show was being held. In addition to posing for pictures, the street team also handed out 5-by-7-inch invitations to the product reveal. All told, the stilt walkers, crowd gatherers, and their costumes cost roughly $20,000, but IDEXX felt the investment was well worth it. For while IDEXX hoped to lure 500 people to the booth, it actually attracted 1,000 people, thanks at least in part to its off-floor tactic.

Uber Occupation
At Comic-Con International: San Diego, the folks at USA Network (a media unit of NBCUniversal Inc.) didn’t just host a little street-based activation; they dominated the city’s Gaslamp Quarter with a couldn’t-miss transit stunt, courtesy of a partnership with Uber Technologies Inc. The 300-vehicle activation was an effort to promote the sci-fi TV series “Colony.” Set in the near future after the city of Los Angeles has been occupied by a suppressive force, the series centers on one family’s struggle to bring liberty back to the people. Throughout the show, the occupying power uses militant enforcers, aka Redhats, to maintain control. At Comic-Con, then, USA Network attempted to occupy San Diego by blanketing the Gaslamp Quarter near the convention center with fully costumed Redhats and “Colony” branded military vehicles and SUVs offering free Uber rides. To promote the stunt prior to the show, USA Network teased the event via Twitter, and Uber sent out an eblast to all San Diego riders. When the campaign went live, an in-app Uber message further promoted the activation to San Diego riders. Thus, between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. July 9 â?” 11, 2015, attendees and San Diego residents alike could access the Uber app and choose a “Colony”-branded, retrofitted SUV or Pinzgauer military vehicle. Inside, riders found a driver (who was hired by USA Network and trained by Uber) and an ambassador, both of which were dressed as Redhats. Throughout the ride, the pair expounded on the new series (set to debut in early 2016), and handed out postcards promoting the series and a star-studded “Colony” panel presentation at the show. Riders received their own logo-adorned red berets similar to those worn by the Redhats. In addition, USA Network branded pedicabs and bikes from ride-share program DecoBike San Diego with the series’ logo and distributed even more post-card wielding Redhats throughout the Gaslamp Quarter. All told, the activation received more than 10,000 ride requests and operated at approximately 90- to 100-percent capacity for the duration of the three-day event. Talk about a military takeover.

Fresh-Fruit Freebies
An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it can also generate show-wide awareness. Or at least that’s what happened when Vita-Mix Corp. staged an apple-centric promotion at Ambiente, a consumer-goods trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. Going into the show, marketers wanted attendees to understand that Vita-Mix brand blending products can be used to make health-conscious soups, sorbets, raw-food dishes, and even full meals – thereby fostering a healthy lifestyle. To that end, the firm’s exhibit house, Derse Inc., crafted a stunning booth featuring literally hundreds of apples embedded into translucent Plexiglas walls. To relay this health-centric message and apple theme to even more of the show’s 144,000 attendees, marketers secured a show sponsorship that allowed them to set up two off-floor activations in main corridors leading from adjoining hotels to the convention center. Heading toward the main venue during show hours, attendees first stumbled upon a distribution station where staff continually made fresh smoothies and distributed them to passerby, many of whom were drawn to the display by the sound of the whirring blenders. Meanwhile, a second display further down the hallway more closely tied to the apple theme. Here, attendees discovered several large crates of apples and banner stands extolling the virtues of Vita-Mix blenders. A gloved staffer handed out apples, which featured the Vita-Mix logo and booth number in safe-to-eat printed text, and directed people to a healthy-blending demonstration in the exhibit. The two-pronged activation cost roughly $14,500, which is a pittance considering the apple tactic alone distributed approximately 2,500 apples each day of the show – generating show-wide awareness and helping Vita-Mix meet or exceed all of its booth-related objectives.

A Mock March
To promote its bed-bug elimination services at the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show, Steritech positioned nine picketers outside the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center’s main entrance. Supposedly picketing on behalf of the millions of bed bugs killed by Steritech’s services, the sign-wielding actors handed out 4-by-6-inch fliers urging attendees to visit Steritech’s booth and “Speak out for your blood brothers!” The cheeky promotion was on the up and up, as organizers obtained a protest/picketing permit from the City of New York, making it legal to “march.” Costing an estimated $4,000, the promotion extended Steritech’s presence to thousands of attendees and drew many of them to the company’s 10-by-10-foot booth.

Van-tastic Idea
At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society show in New Orleans, Iatric Systems Inc., a health-care information-technology firm, colored outside the lines with an activation that literally drove brand awareness. The firm was plagued by a relatively diminutive exhibit in the back of the hall, and a miniscule budget that allowed no room for official show sponsorships. Thus, Iatric marketers devised an activation whereby local businesses offered special discounts to HIMSS attendees wearing a colorful Iatric-branded wristband (aka a slap band). To generate interest and awareness for the brand and the “Get Slap Happy!” program, Iatric marketers rented a white panel van and plastered the sides with magnetic graphics featuring messages about the promotion, including Iatric’s logo, images of the bands, and a call to action to visit the booth to pick up a band. Iatric then hired a driver to maneuver the van around key routes near the convention center at prime times when people were coming and going from the venue. The driver even honked and waved to draw the attention of the 35,000 attendees that were milling about. In addition, Iatric parked the rented van outside of a key off-site hospitality event it hosted for C-level attendees. All told, Iatric paid $150 to rent the van and $100 for the magnetic signs. But the brand awareness generated by this simple moving billboard was priceless.

Devil Worship
When you’re launching a TV series based on the iconic horror film “The Omen,” a traditional marketing approach is about as bland as angel-food cake. Therefore, to introduce its upcoming “Damien” series (set to air in 2016) at Comic-Con International: San Diego, A&E Network staged a devilish activation that was a deliberate attempt to poke fun at the Christian protesters that have become near-permanent fixtures around the San Diego Convention Center. A&E sent a series of street teams into San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, where they appeared to join the nearby Christian proselytizers. However, upon closer inspection, team members wore black T-shirts with a red “666″ on the front and the words “It’s All for You” on the back. Several members also held red and black picket signs featuring text such as “There is only #Damien,” “From Flame Damien Will Rise,” and “My Blood for Him.” Team members handed passersby pins featuring three sixes and pamphlets directing them to, a promotional microsite that warned “He is the only way to deal with the coming end.” Meanwhile, pamphlets proclaimed that “The end of days is near!” and cautioned onlookers against the coming “great atrocities all around.” Over the course of three days, the street teams handed out 15,000 pamphlets and 10,000 pins; plus, “Damien” netted 9,000 Twitter mentions and more than 30,000 Facebook engagements during that same time. What’s more, 25 news outlets, such as The New York Times, Wired, AdAge, The Hollywood Reporter, and others, featured news of the activity, resulting in 12.5 million unique impressions during the show. Now that’s a devilishly good idea.

Orange Swarm
For a little person in a giants’ world, it’s hard to get your voice heard. That’s why Jacobsen, a Textron Innovations Inc. company, devised its Orange Everywhere off-floor strategy for the Golf Industry Show in San Diego. While the company is among the top three U.S. providers of professional turf equipment, its name recognition pales in comparison to its two major competitors. Therefore, Jacobsen and its exhibit house, 3D Exhibits Inc., set out to develop show-wide brand awareness on the streets of San Diego instead of right next to major competitors. Prior to the show, Jacobsen purchased 2,000 corporate-orange, branded wristbands that it intended to hand out to attendees. The idea was to blanket the show in Jacobsen orange. To prompt people to wear the bands, Jacobsen would position roving ambassadors throughout the convention areas, where they’d distribute free “Orange Everywhere” T-shirts to anyone wearing the band. However, Jacobsen had to first get the bands in attendees’ hands. Held in the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter the night before the show opened, Jacobsen’s hospitality event served as a key distribution point. As attendees walked to the venue, they saw the orange Jacobsen logo projected onto the exterior of a major hotel and five orange Dodge Chargers parked in front of the building. Together with the logo, the cars, which were each emblazoned with Orange Everywhere logos on their doors and hoods, seemed to brand the whole district as Jacobsen territory. After attendees partied the night away and exited the club wearing their wristbands, pedicab bike operators sporting orange T-shirts offered them a free lift back to their hotels. Almost 1,000 people donned the bands before the show even opened, creating a show-wide curiosity factor. Finally, 20 brand ambassadors dressed in Jacobsen orange filled nearby environs during the show, and handed out branded orange T-shirts to those wearing a band. Jacobsen’s tactic also aided show-floor results, as the firm doubled the number of leads collected compared to the previous year.

Tea Mobile
October temperatures in Las Vegas can top out in the low 90s. And when you’re trekking from a hotel to the show venue, that’s warm enough to work up a thirst. So at the National Association of Convenience Stores Show, Red Diamond Inc., a provider of coffee and tea products, took advantage of that heat-induced thirst by setting up an off-floor oasis. After contacting the Las Vegas Monorail Co., the company rented a prime locale at the monorail stop adjacent to the convention center. Here, it stationed a service desk, graphics, and coolers filled with ice-cold Ready-to-Drink Tea pints. Starting before the show opened and extending after it closed each day, staff handed out samples and directed people to the Red Diamond booth. By bringing the tea to the people in their hour of thirst, Red Diamond touched more attendees than it would have otherwise. Plus, the company made a lasting impression by quenching attendees thirst exactly when they needed it most.

Pretty risque ideas right? It is clear to see that sometimes a great idea for generating a buzz is going to run the risk of putting off a few people. As the old saying in show business goes “there is no such thing as bad publicity.” While these campaigns are very brand specific, if you leverage their unique approach you can create awareness far beyond the trade show like you never thought possible.

Have questions on what booth displays and accessories will give you the most benefit at your next show? We have created and even repaired thousands of trade show exhibits, give the ExhibitDEAL team a call to discuss some cost effective solutions that will help you to look fantastic on your exhibition day.

ExhibitDEAL can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.

New 2016 Outdoor Displays Ready to Help You Make a Splash

Friday, May 27th, 2016


There are some fantastic new solutions online this May for outdoor events. We’ve got stylish new banner flags as well as classic designs that just got big, bigger, huge! There are awesome tent kits that include your
favorite wall setups as well as new gigantic banquet tents that seat entire tables and chairs. We know you want to keep lightweight, mobile and cost effective – so we know our new inflatable furniture and tower displays are sure to excite. So let’s see what’s new!


10ft Ultra Tent

10ft Ultra Tent Kit in Full Color

A great value for any dedicated exhibitor – this outdoor solution packages a stunning full color dye-sublimated durable canopy, backwall, and two half sidewalls. The perfect setup to allow you limitless expression of your brand’s personality so you can become the local buzz and attract more visitors.

This setup allows air to keep flowing through the sides while the open front welcomes your traffic into the space.


  • Durable outdoor 100% UV protection polyester canopy
  • Lightweight powder coated steel pop-up frame
  • Water and fire resistant material

Kit Includes:

  • Hardware Kit with Bag
  • Full color dye sublimated canopy
  • Full color dye sublimated Full Back Wall
  • (2) Full color dye sublimated Side Wall

43ft StarShade 400 Canopy Event Tent

43ft StarShade 400 Canopy Event Tent

63ft StarShade 685 Twin Canopy Event Tent

Get ready for our biggest outdoor tents featured. The StarShade series is the ultimate multi-person tension fabric event tent. The 400 and 685 models are great for hosting an outdoor gala where small groups of guests can gather under the 400 and 685 square feet of space, respectively.

The entire tent can be setup by two people in 40-60 minutes and just 60-90 minutes for the Twin model. They collapse down into 3 carry bags that fit int he trunk of most standard size vehicles.


  • Rust-free Anodized Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fire Retardant
  • UV Protected
  • Water Resistant

  • Unique Tension Structure Design
  • 400 Square Feet of Complete Coverage Area
  • Six Elegant Arches
  • Aluminum Parts—no rusting
  • Sets Up in Minutes
  • Canopy is for Outdoor Use—requires depth for 30 inch stakes
  • Free Carry Bags for Complete Unit

  • 500 Denier Oxford Polyester—both strong and lightweight
  • Water Resistant, Fire Retardant, and UV Protected
  • Seventeen Bold Canopy Colors
  • Custom screen-printed graphics or full-coverage digital printing available

Kit Includes:

  • (3) 50.25” Aluminum Poles
  • (1) 50.25“ Telescoping Pole with Crank Assembly
  • (1) 13.5” Aluminum Pole with Dome Cap
  • (1) 500 Denier Polyester Oxford Top
  • (3) Carry Bags
  • (6) Steel Spikes
  • (1) Center Pole Plate
  • (2) Measuring Cable
  • (1) Stake Puller
  • (1) Assist Bar


Promotional Umbrellas 

Square Outdoor Promotional Umbrella

Hexagon Outdoor Promotional Umbrella

Not to be overlooked, the smaller counterparts of the “tent” family are your trusty large promotional outdoor umbrellas. These freestanding sunny day solutions allow you to extend your brand signage and merciful shade to thankful visitors at once.

The Square and Hexagon styled Outdoor Event Umbrellas are constructed of aluminum, a steel pole and a plastic hub with latch. Easily stands with use of an umbrella table. No umbrella table? Add an optional iron square base accessory to complete your purchase.


  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
  • Full Color Printing Available
  • No Tools for Set Up, takes approx 5 mins
  • Lifetime warranty on frame. One (1) year on graphic

Kit Includes:

  • UV Printed Square or Hexagonal Umbrella Canopy
  • Aluminum Umbrella Pole
  • Square base
  • Plastic Hub
  • Runner, Stretchers and Ribs


10ft Ultra Tent 

Mondo Outdoor Flag – 13ft

Mondo Outdoor Flag – 17ft

Mondo Outdoor Flag – 23ft

The star of this months’ featured product – the new gigantic Mondo series is what you need when standing out is the goal. Available in 13ft, 17ft, and 23ft single-sided (double optional) large banner flags.

Built tough with a water weighted base to keep your brand high above the competition even on those windy days. The full color dye-sublimated graphic in the popular rectangle style maximizes your exposure from afar. An excellent solution for outdoor festivals, sporting events and trade shows


  • Large graphic branding space vs other flag styles
  • Generate awareness for your company from far away
  • Lets customers know where your booth or business is
  • Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Assemble
  • Included water base helps keep your flag secure in heavy winds

    Kit Includes:

  • (1) Printed Banner (Single-Sided – optional upgrade to Double-Sided)
  • (1) Water Base which holds up to 13 gallons of water
  • Pole with plastic end caps
  • (4) Aluminum support legs with plastic clips
  • (9) plastic ring clips
  • (1) Base Bag (32″ x 16″)
  • (1) Pole Bag (66″ x 5″)

Zoom Outdoor Sail Banner Flag Backpack

Zoom Outdoor Sail Banner Flag Backpack

Last year wee unveiled a X-banner backpack became an instant hit, and this year we expand our catalog to include all new styles for your portable outdoor marketing.

Now available in four different banner flag designs: the Zoom Outdoor Sail Backpack offers your choice of teardrop, feather, rectangle and X-banner styles. Leverage the power of mobile marketing and promote your business anywhere your potential customers are.

This kit includes the backpack, hardware and banner graphic. Convenient mesh storage side-pockets allow for your brand representative to keep refreshments. The backpack includes an adjustable belt and comfort padding to improve longevity. Checkout the Zoom Outdoor Sail Backpack and let your brand go wherever your customers are.


  • Poles and rods that support every style flag all fit within backpack
  • Flag mounting system
  • Reinforced straps
  • Adjustable belt
  • Comfortable padding
  • Mesh side-pockets and a zipped compartment for additional storage
  • Made from coated nylon
  • One year limited hardware warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Six months graphic limited warranty

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Frame
  • (1) Backpack
  • (1) Outdoor Scrim Banner Graphic

9ft Claw Sail Single Sided Banner Flag

9ft Claw Sail Single Sided Banner Flag

9ft Petal Sail Single Sided Banner Flag

When you want a funky new take on a classic fabric banner flag to advertise at your next venue. A new attractive style to help generate awareness for your storefront or trade show booth alike, these uniquely curved “Claw” and “Petal” sail banner flags features high quality, full-color, dye sublimated graphics.

The Claw and Petal Flag’s strong, flexible pole is constructed from Carbon Composite material shown to out perform other poles that have an aluminum base. The pole itself is covered by a lifetime warranty.

The standard flag comes with just the spike pole to push into the ground with an optional scissor base upgrade for more wind resistance.


  • Featuring high quality, full-color, dye sublimated banners
  • Available single-sided
  • Kits available with either a ground spike for outdoor use or scissor base with weighted water ballast for indoor/outdoor use
  • Our Flag Poles are constructed of a strong but flexible Carbon Composite material that is SUPERIOR to other poles that have an aluminum base
  • Sail Sign Pole Hardware is covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Kit Includes:

  • Hardware
  • Dye-sublimated printed banner graphic
  • Soft case

10ft Tail Fin Double Sided Flag

10ft Tail Fin Double Sided Flag

The Tail Fin Double Sided Flag shape is both innovative and eye catching, with a lightweight design with a graphic printable base that can be filled with water for better wind resistance.

The Tail Fin is ideal for events where wind is an issue, and looks equally impressive indoors. This angular banner is incredibly light, weighing less than 5 lbs, and comes alive by rotating in the wind.

The innovative design stays taught and resists that distracting flapping noise in the wind so that your brand message can be clearly seen. It comes complete with banner, rods, carry bag and ground stake. Replacement skins give you the flexibility to change your image/message with ease.

This flying flag is ideal for advertising your brand at all indoor & outdoor events such as golf days, beaches, sports days, shows and trade events.”


  • Innovative fin curve design
  • Available in 10′ and 12′ height
  • Base is water filled for improved wind resistance
  • Equally impressive indoors and outdoors
  • Displays your message 100% of the time
  • Optional graphic for base

Kit Includes:

  • Hardware
  • Dye-sublimated Double-sided banner graphic
  • Carry bag
  • Ground stake


Inflatable Jumbo Archway 

Inflatable Jumbo Archway

The Jumbo Inflatable Archway is a must-have for charitable race events and any outdoor festival where you want to feature quick, durable and vibrant graphics.

This large and easy to setup in less than a minute, inflatable arch features PVC-coated nylon so it can hold up to repeated outdoor use. Graphics attach using hook and loop, allowing interchangeable messages.

This great value kit includes your heavy-duty securing stakes and rope along with a 4 amp air blower to help you get set fast. Arch ships in two packages.


  • Create a grand entrance with inflatable archways.
  • Constructed from strong PVC-coated nylon, to stand up to outdoor use.
  • Inflates in less than a minute for quick set up.
  • Graphics attach using hook and loop, allowing interchangeable messages.
  • Kit includes a 4 amp blower.
  • Use the attached rings to secure jumbo arch with included heavy duty stakes and rope.
    Kit Includes:

  • (1) Inflatable frame
  • (1) Hollow plastic base

Inflatable Promotional Event Loveseat 

Inflatable Promotional Event Loveseat

Inflatable Promotional Event Ottoman

Who says you can’t be comfortable at outdoor festivals? Are you ready to grow beyond clunky, heavy folding chairs that need too much space to transport? The Inflatable Loveseat and Ottoman options are a simplistic air-filled stand offering an attractive, eye-catching design.

The benefits of inflatable event Loveseat allows for easier transport weight versus other seating options. Always an advantage of inflatables, this air Loveseat is easily and quickly setup.

With long lasting UV-resistant graphics and strong inflatable Polyurethane shell, this contour seating is great for outdoor sporting events and arenas, concerts, festivals.


  • A lightweight, modular solution for casual business settings.
  • Available in multiple options to create the configuration you’re looking for.
  • The two-way stretch imprinted fabric creates a form-fitted look when wrapped around the inflated shapes.
    Kit Includes:

  • (1) Inflatable frame
  • (1) Hollow plastic base

Inflatable Promotional Event Column 

Inflatable Promotional Event Column

A cost effective and understandably popular outdoor display solution – the Outdoor Air Column allows you to advertise high above other displays without requiring a large amount of available space to set up.

The Inflatable Column is a simplistic air-filled display stand offering a prominent, eye-catching design. The benefits of inflatable event columns allows for easier transport weight versus aluminum based pole and fabric solutions. Always an advantage of inflatables, this air column is easily and quickly setup in less than 10 minutes using the air pump and securing stakes included in the price.

With long lasting UV-resistant graphics and strong inflatable column, this tower is great for outdoor sporting events and arenas, concerts, festivals, or to draw attention to any storefront.


  • Free-standing inflatable column available in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large
  • Hollow plastic base can be filled with water or sand
  • Indoor and outdoor use, no tools required
  • Pump and ground stakes sold separately
  • Tabs with grommets for optional stake usage
  • One year warranty against all manufacturer defects
    Kit Includes:

  • (1) Inflatable frame
  • (1) Hollow plastic base
  • (1) Air pump


That’s all the highlights from the new outdoor arrivals for now. Check back often to learn about all the exciting ideas we’ve found to help you promote your business.

Have questions on what booth displays and accessories will give you the most benefit at your next show? We have created and even repaired thousands of trade show exhibits, give the ExhibitDEAL team a call to discuss some cost effective solutions that will help you to look fantastic on your exhibition day.

ExhibitDEAL can be reached at or call 866-577-DEAL, we’d love to put our experience to work for you.