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10 Reasons to Choose a Hybrid Display for Your Trade Show Marketing

Monday, August 26th, 2013


Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose A Hybrid Display

In the past decade, it has become more and more common for companies to choose hybrid exhibits for trade shows, and the appeal of these exhibits simply keeps growing.  The benefits behind hybrid displays are simple, and companies all over the world are taking advantage of these tools to make trade shows more successful.  Hybrid displays are built mostly from engineered aluminum extrusion, along with large format tension fabric graphics.  Laminates, direct print graphics, and custom construction may be added based on the preference of the exhibitor, but the foundation of the exhibit is always the same, and is almost always made of fabric and engineered aluminum.  In order to assemble hybrid displays, it is often necessary to use allen tools, although systems are available that offer a set up that doesn’t require tools, or relies less on specific tools for construction.  In comparison to the classic display, hybrid displays offer the following benefits and advantages.

 1. Hybrid Displays Are Lighter


Hybrid displays are made of aluminum, and the exhibitor is able to disassemble the display after the exhibit.  Because they are made of aluminum, your exhibit will weigh less than a classic exhibit, and is moved in fewer crates or cases to each trade show you attend.  Less weight for your display equals less packaging and shipping, which equals less of an investment without sacrificing the efficiency of your display.

2. Hybrid Displays Offer Countless Accessories

It’s impossible to count or summarize the accessories that are available when you choose a hybrid display.  Accessories that can be added to your exhibit include workstations, shelves, iPad options, lights, pegboards, monitors, etc.  Anything you need to make your exhibit better at selling and displaying your service or product can be found when you choose a hybrid display for your exhibit needs.

3. Hybrid Displays Offer Versatile Graphic Options


With a hybrid display, your graphics can range from towering fabric images to smaller graphics.  Use direct prints, custom acrylics, laminates, vinyl, or fabric with your hybrid display and the graphics you use.  With a hybrid display, you open up a whole new world of options for eye-catching graphics at every trade show you attend.

4. Hybrid Displays Are Structurally Strong

Hybrid displays offer the easy assembly of a newer model, without sacrificing the flexibility and strength of the classic display.  Hundreds of profiles are available, and each offers a unique function, visual, or design appeal.  Whatever you have in mind for your trade show exhibit, you can turn into a reality when you choose a hybrid display.

5. Hybrid Displays Can Be Taken Anywhere

When choosing your display for any trade show, you must consider the portability of the exhibit you are designing.  If you can’t transport it easily, you can’t use it effectively.  Hybrid displays are easily transported anywhere, and can be easily set up within thirty minutes.  This makes for an easier and less stressful exhibit experience for all involved, and doesn’t even include the lowered costs the company will see without the additional shipping and handling for the trade show exhibit.  If your company has been paying a professional to set up and transport your exhibit for you, you can quickly erase that expense with a hybrid display, as any of your exhibitors can easily move and assemble your new exhibit.

6. Hybrid Displays Are Modular


Your needs will change based on the trade show or exhibit you are attending.  The benefit of hybrid displays is that they can easily be adjusted to modify the size to fit exactly what you need for each show you attend.  Once the display is modified, it’s simple to reassemble, and this process can be done easily and quickly.  With a hybrid display, you can use the same exhibit for every show you attend, rather than being forced to purchase multiple displays that meet the individual needs of each show.  Your company will see a return quickly with lower costs in exhibit investment with a hybrid display that works for any exhibit or show.

7. Hybrid Displays Are Unique


One of the greatest perks of using a hybrid display is the ability you have to customize the display to meet your exact ideas.  You will never run across another display that is just like yours when you use a hybrid display.  These displays offers a variety of layouts, styles, accessories, and backdrops, and your decisions regarding these factors ensure that your display will be unique from the others.  Your potential customers will notice that you stand out when you have a hybrid display that is customized to fit your desires and needs.

8. Hybrid Display Are Easily Cared For

The fabric that is used in creating a hybrid display is strongly resistant to any type of damage.  This means that your display will look better for a longer period of time.  Again, the investment in a hybrid display will quickly pay off for your company when exhibits do not need to be replaced or fixed in between shows.  This also takes one more thing off your checklist as you are preparing to attend an important exhibit or trade show.

9. Hybrid Displays Are Cheaper To Print

It is much less expensive to print on fabric than any other material.  The savings you can enjoy in printing costs alone make investing in a hybrid display worth the time and effort.  Not only is it less expensive to print, but fabric is lighter than traditional materials, and is cheaper and easier to ship.  Another savings comes into play with lower shipping costs in between shows.

10. Hybrid Displays Can Save You Money

With all of these perks and benefits, it’s simple to see why more companies are choosing hybrid displays as the preferred option for trade show exhibits.  Each of these advantages can be tied into a few simple benefits: your company will save money, attending trade shows will be easier, and your booth will stand out to your potential customers.  In order for your trade show to net the results you want, you need each of these benefits, and hybrid displays offer them to your company in a package that is both attractive and affordable.

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