The Unique Combination of In-House Production and Product Sourcing

How can we offer you the BEST DEAL?

In today’s world, companies constantly strive to set themselves apart from the crowd with a unique differentiator.    There are many ways a brand can gain a point of advantage over its competitors – sometimes it’s a product or a service, sometimes it’s a killer advertising strategy and sometimes it’s pure luck. In our case, we built our edge by focusing on offering our customers the BEST DEAL.  This means a great product that fits your requirements at the best price.

So how are we able to find this perfect fit?  Well, we had to learn the art of being both manufacturers and brand-product resellers.  We had to be able to offer a vast selection of tradeshow displays and accessories suitable for every need, from outdoor gatherings, to conventions, to in-store events.  But we also had to be able to control production and costs.

If you wonder why being a manufacturer and a reseller is so crucial, here are a few reasons to help understand the revolutionary nature of our business.

The Joys of Manufacturing.

As a manufacturer we have total control over the quality of our materials. Our production staff spends months looking for the best of every kind – from the right fabric, to ensure vibrant colors and long lasting prints, to the correct specs on the laminate, that will be flexible yet sturdy enough to produce the right curvatures.  This attention to detail translates into a diligent management of costs, so that we can deliver to you the best price in the industry.

Because production happens right under our roof, at ExhibitDEAL we have made our priority to make sure our customers are always up to date with the production process. Communication is the key to success, because no one knows your products better than you, this is why we involve you in every step to make sure the final result is what you were looking for. Our highly professional staff is always ready to answer any question or concern you might have and our showroom is open to all clients and prospects who wish to see our products and capabilities for themselves.


The Joys of Reselling.

As mentioned before, ExhibitDEAL is not just a manufacturer, but also a reseller. We understand the limitations imposed by a restricted production department and decided to make up for it by carrying some of the best brands in the trade show industry. In fact, anything that can’t be produced at our facility we get from our selected and trustworthy group of vendors, with whom we have been doing business for over fifteen years. Our secret is a long lasting and close business relationship with each of our vendors to ensure the quality of the products is never lost.  As manufacturers we understand what is needed for a product to be successful, and so we work hand-in-hand with our vendor partners to ensure total quality and fast production times.

Thanks to the vast inventory of displays and accessories available to us, we can hand pick the best products while maintaining a large and diversified portfolio. This way our customers are sure to always find the best solution to their trade show needs.

These are only few of the aspects that make ExhibitDEAL a standout company.  If you wish to learn more we suggest you check out our website, or, even better, schedule an appointment for a private tour of our new showroom and open your company to the world of great trade shows.